Thursday, April 12, 2012

"Front of the class"

Here at St. Valentine it's not uncommon for a teacher to use corporal punishment on a student but it has never been witnessed until today. It was third period in Mr. Stone's science class when Veronica, a rather sexy brunette was not only spanked over Mr. Stone's knee but in front of the entire class. Veronica was passing notes when Mr. Stone caught her and then had her sit next to him and face the class. Once Veronica was seated she mumbled something at Mr. Stone and he turned her across his knee for a spanking. Since he was sitting behind his desk we could only see her legs kicking but the fact that it happened right in the front of the class made all of us boys very, very happy.


Njspank said...

I love when you do shoots like this, very erotic and well teasing us as we all know what is going on behind that desk but love the outfit and the scene.


Anonymous said...

Great pictures. I love those which leave a lot to the imagination. In fact, my favourite spanking pitcures are those taken from behind the spanker: is the girl being spanked on her skirt? On her panties? On her bare bottom? You can make up your own scenario.

Aunty Andrea said...

The desk unfortunately covered what I am sure the boys most wanted to see.

Anonymous said...

very nice yes we did enjoy it lovey ,at my school a teacher did do this and the naughty girl enjoyed it ,so did e,loveandspanks,timxxx