Thursday, April 5, 2012

"PAIN IN the (DE) ASS"

Back when I was in college my friends and I went to Ocean City Maryland during spring break and while there we visited a restaurant/nightclub called Seacrets. Once the sun goes down Seacrets is a very popular hang out with young adults. One of their specialty drinks is called PAIN IN DE ASS, needless to say I drank several. On the way out of Seacrets I saw a pair of shorts with the drinks logo written across the backside and just had to buy them. To be honest I forgot I even had the shorts until I found them while recently cleaning my closet and getting rid of some old clothes. Of course I wore them and walking around with a pair of shorts that have PAIN IN DE ASS written across the backside is NOT a good idea if you live with a spanker. That's like teasing a hungry lion with a juicy steak and just like the lion would attack so will the spanker. So ladies if you want your man to spank you and don't want to wear something that says SPANK HERE or SPANK ME etc. out in public these shorts work great because the vanillas of the world won't think anything of it but spankers will see it as an invitation to spank. Trust me it will be open season on your butt and you will feel some PAIN on your ASS! xoxo

Ambidextrous hubby doesn't want to make his left arm jealous.


dancingbarez said...

I go to Seacrets at least twice a year....I should have thought of that earlier. Definately buying those those this summer.

Njspank said...

You are just too adorable, love the shorts and nice to see Tony take the slipper to your lovely bottom.

Happy and blessed Easter

Anonymous said...

Well ,lovey ou were asking for it and your hubby gave you your big spanks ,love andspanks,timxx

Anonymous said...

Sooooo cutey shorts Veronica...such shorts with elasticated waistbands made baring of naughty botties easy ! With my hands on my head and with me trembling at the sight of the dreaded rattan cane; my mummy could pull both my panties and shorts down to my knees together in one firm tug ! Ouchy. Mom was sadly an expert ! Great shorts. Hugs, Brenda x