Wednesday, April 18, 2012

"SPANKING, works great on a guilty conscience"

Sometimes when I'm upset at myself for something I might of said or done to another person I'll ask Tony for a spanking. Once I got into an argument with my sister and called her a "BITCH" because she did not visit our mother on her birthday. She had a good excuse and our mom understood but I really laid into her. After the argument I began to feel sorry for what I had said but had too much pride to call and apologise. Tony came home from work and there I was lying on the ottoman with an angry look on my face and feeling very guilty for what I said. I told him that I was upset at myself for scolding my sister and he just sort of shrugged and said "why don't you just call her and tell her you are sorry." I told him why I could not bring myself to call her but the guilt was building up inside me. Then I said, "honey could you spank me?" Tony was more then willing to oblige, he sat on the ottoman and pulled me across his lap and began to spank me very hard! He did not lecture me since I did nothing wrong towards him but he did spank me on the bare and spanked me for several minutes. I did feel the guilt leave my soul and was able to call my sister afterwards and apologise. I told her how sorry I was and I should not of called her a bitch. I guess sometimes a girl just needs a good old-fashioned spanking to get rid of all that guilt inside. It works great for me and Tony is always ready to assist.


Njspank said...

Couple of comments, first off asking for a spanking is about as erotic as it gets and having a partner who understands, well amazing.

I love the long spanking over your dress and then your lovely panty, then Tony gets to your beautiful bare bottom.

Love the dress and the boots. Aslo I so adore when you put your arms in his lap and further love you holding onto his leg while he spanks.

Thanks so much, wonderful post

Aunty Andrea said...

A good spanking is a wonderfully cleansing thing and there are times when we could all use one.

Anonymous said...

Veronica you are a good girl asking for your spanks,love andspanks,timxx

Njspank said...

Aunty, so well said, thanks

fatherjim said...

Just wonderful! Just when I've thought you couldn't possibly top your past spanking pics, you blow me away every time with the next!

Thank you so much for doing what you do and sharing so freely!

You are wonderful people!