Sunday, April 1, 2012

"This hurts me more than it does you!"

"My bottom begs to differ."


Njspank said...

No doubt but those words well, they are intimidating at times because we all know they mean nothing.

Well done, you are beautiful

Aunty Andrea said...

Oh that's not true, he knows it and so do you!

Anonymous said...

Yes, my hubby says that when he's having a laugh already Veronica. I do not find it very funny myself ha-ha !

And when I was a lil' misbehaving girl back in the 1960s, my mommy said the same darn thing too ! (again , not funny Veronica !) which explains why she stopped using her hand on my lil' bare, white, pudgy botty, and progressed to the wooden spoon and the hairbrush, in my early years !

Unfortunately, she then graduated to the whippy, thin, rattan cane ("switch" in Georgia speak) for my sister and me - when we were tender-botttomed lil' brats of eight years' old - and again, we gotten it on an unprotected, sensitive bare botty, every time. :-( Goes without saying I guess Veronica, but that was no fun for sure. Mother was such a strict ol' meany mommy ! Oh my, that saying is so rubbish ! Boo-Hoo xx
Naughty Lil' Brenda xx