Wednesday, May 2, 2012

"The Farmer's Daughter"

In the backwoods of rural America there lived a man by the name of John with his daughter Veronica. John was known as farmer John because he owned a small farm stand and sold various plants, straw and fruits. John has been raising his daughter Veronica by himself ever since his wife died when she was very young. He was a good father and a good man, a church going God fearing man who did not believe in "sparing the rod!" He did not raise his daughter to be lazy but on one particular day while he was working the fields Veronica was nothing but lazy. The farm stand just opened for business and it was her responsibility to take care of the customers out front while he did manual labor in the back. As Veronica watched her father work the fields he firmly told her to go out front before customers arrive. She went to the front but saw no one there so returned out back and began reading a magazine. When John saw that his daughter was lounging, reading a magazine he became enraged! He then shouted, "YOUNG LADY I THOUGHT I TOLD YOU TO GET YOUR BEHIND OUT FRONT AND TAKE CARE OF THE CUSTOMERS!!!" But she just responded in a sarcastic tone and flipped the magazine pages. John went out front and saw several customers gathering by the fruits. He took care of them and after one hour when the last customer left he decided it was time to handle his young daughter. The farm has been with his family for generations and he vividly remembers when he was a boy and did not work the farm to his fathers satisfaction how severe the old man whupped him. John remembers dropping trousers and briefs and bending over a bale of straw while his father strapped his bottom raw. He remembers being strapped so bad that he couldn't even walk let alone sit down. John would not strap his daughter's tender bottom but a good old-fashioned hand spanking over is knee is just what she needs. It's been quite some time since Veronica has gotten a good spanking and today is that day. He sat on an old wooden chair and placed his daughter right over his knee. His calloused hands landed hard on her bottom and she just kicked her legs and squirmed. John knew that the only way for a spanking to be effective was on the bare bottom and soon Veronica's bottom was bare. She cried like a Little girl and he felt bad but also knew that it was a lesson that she needed to learn because soon the farm will be hers and she must learn responsibility. Once her bottom was a nice shade of pink he stopped and went back to working the fields. Veronica first let the cool air comfort her sore bottom then she'll go out front and take care of the customers. She loved her dad and did not want to disappoint him again. They both had a reputation to uphold in rural America, he was the farmer and she was the farmer's daughter.

"I'm not done with you yet young lady!"

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nicejohn said...

Great storyline and pics that told the story as well. Great job, as usual!

Joe in Houston said...

WOW Veronica! As soon as I read the title, "The Farmer's Daughter," I was thinking, "Dear God, please let her be wearing denim shorts!"

Sometimes prayers ARE answered!

AMEN, Sister!

Njspank said...

Amazing, one of your best posts and Thank you for the lovely panty spanking, you are just so hot as is your bottom.


Anonymous said...

very nice pics of you spanked by Tony lucky chap,love andspanks,timxx

Anonymous said...

The Summer of 69 :-)
Front cover of my autobiography, that last photo of you Veronica. It's amazing !
Your bottom looks yummy and all these fabulous shots capture the very essence of The South, where strict whuppin's are part of our culture !! I soo love this post.

As a li'l outdoor girl in the summer of 69, I usually wore our beloved Daisy Dukes and other cutey li'l canvas pastel shorts (very 1950s' even) and of course our Southern belle pretty dresses. Underneath my fairy-soft botty was snuggley clad and cosy in sensible, large cotton white underpanties ( yuk ! tee-hee)

Sensible panties, sensible shoes, sensible swimsuits - it was all very old-fashioned, strict, conservative and sensible Veronica. !
The last photo resonates: I was not spanked outside or in public (surprisingly) but it was extremely strict when we got home for my younger sister and me.

The li'l rattan switch was handy in the cupboard for mom...and in the living room, down came my denim shorts and down came a li'l pair of those cute, sensible white, cotton panties. Mummy always bared our botties for a switchin', without exception over the years. No debate about that Veronica, let me tell you !!
And despite my deep brown Georgia sun tan, as a naughty li'l madam, the fairest, soft skin on my botty was as white as snow and extremely soft n tender; which made a bare -bottom switchin' extremely effective!!! Quite right too - it was proper punishment. And did no harm. Just a nasty sting.
My mother believed in 1950s' domestic discipline, or even 1930s' ...when she was a little girl getting it from Grandma.

This whole sequence and last photo are so powerful and nostalgic for me Veronica - true Southern spirit and culture. Strict and loving moms ! Autobiography pending !! :-)
Thank you.

Brenda, in writing mode :-) xx

Anonymous said...

"John would not strap is daughter's tender bottom"....lovely line. Fabulous last photo !

You're sure gonna get a strapping on that last photo, Veronica. Denim shorts down, panties pulled down, fairy-soft botty completely bare waiting for a whuppin' from father, that strict Ol' farmer John !

Those last few photos are sensational Veronica. And so is this story you wrote. I am thinking of my childhood girl friends (my peers, all in our late 50s now) from my Church group, school and sports clubs who gotten their bare bottoms reddened with their fathers' belts - a good Ol' Georgia strapping for misbehaving daughters. I actually saw some strappings of my friends take place in my childhood as spankings were common.

My hubby straps my bare bum plenty now :-) But when I was growing up I did not receive the strap from my parents. In our religious house the "rod" actual rod. The Christian-compliant "botty smacker" in our house was a rattan cane - a very thin, whippy switch.

It was administered by our mother on the bare skin of our bums. The sting on a bare botty was real bad ! Felt like I was getting skinned alive as a naughty nine-year-old. That is the idea. That sure is the benefit of getting a whuppin' with panties lowered on the tender bare, Veronica :-(
Oh my ! We sure felt it. Corporal punishment was just normal in our house (as I like to recount to all those PC moms still today !)

My daughters gotten the same switchings from me (and my mother, their Grandma) growing up in the 1990s. Harsh but fair. That last picture is you being my imaginary "third daughter" Veronica - gonna get your bare botty caned like my other two real-life daughters gotten (now only in their early 30s)
Spare the rod spoil the child for sure.
You are a lovely naughty farmer's Girl, Veronica.
Strict Mom Brenda xx