Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Gettin' it good!


Njspank said...

So? What did you do to have Tony tan your butt this way?



Anonymous said...

Veronica wow your cute botty is blushing from the spanks ,love and spanks,Timxx

Anonymous said...

Yummy view Veronica - good smacked bottom with jammies pulled down...as should always be the case. Like you, I was brought up far too strictly in the South to favour any wishy-washy thinking on spanking :-)

I'd love to see you in drop-seat jammies too. Hubby and I love drop-seat PJs for fun and role-play, because they emphatically illustrate that bottoms should be bare for discipline...by design. No half-measures. So wearing them, we naughty girls feel like naughty lil' daughters getting smacked on our bare botties like we did from mom n pop in the days of yore.

When the world was in black n white :-) as a 1960s' naughty lil' madam across the bed or papa's knee for any bedtime punishment, my jammies would always be pulled down to my knees, with my botty completely bare. Always whuppin's on bare skin Veronica. Georgia style ! No exceptions- for the hand, hairbrush briefly and then from early on, the dreaded whippy rattan switch. Gasp ! And absolutely right too: it was punishment and botties were meant to sting ! And the deserved "hornets nest" was harmless and salutary. So no logic in whuppin' the protective fleecy cotton seat of my jammies Veronica. And mom n pop never did Gulp !

So drop-seat jammies make me forever feel like the naughty sensitve-bottomed lil' madam getting her just desserts on a bare behind. Oucheeeees! Boo-Hoo. Boo-Hoo xx
Naughty Lil' Brenda xx