Tuesday, May 29, 2012

An Old-Fashioned Spanking...

what every girl needs and secretly wants.


Aunty Andrea said...

An old fashioned spanking for an old fashioned girl.

Anonymous said...

What every girl wants? i sincerely hope this is true, and you being a female should know far better than myself for obvious reasons. However i know first hand that this is not always the case OFG; but thank you for your encouraging comments .

Correction Man.

Njspank said...

That is so well said, I believe many of us secretly and not so secretly want that spanking, or give one!

What a beautiful bottom.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely right Veronica ;-)

In truth, I could have done without the smack of the maternal hairbrush or cane across the snow white, super -sensitive skin of my bare botty growing up Veronica!!.....yes, I have told my mother many times ha-ha. But once I progressed beyond my pink bratty princess years...I was keenly handing my boyfriends the Southern strap !! Lol. Brenda x

Anonymous said...

Yes this photo has defined my life for nearly six decades Veronica - sensitive bare skin duly exposed for punishment on the place provided by God and Nature !!

I gotten it as a daughter. I gave it as a strict, loving mom. And I both get it and give it as a loving wife ! Same for you Veronica.

Most happily my two grown-up daughters thank me for the corporal punishment they gotten on their bare bottoms from me in their childhoods. Despite all recent PC Veronica. Harsh but fair Veronica. !

Thank the Lord there was very lil' PC when I was blessed as a mother in the 1980s. I was a staunch CP mom, having been raised in s very strict, Christian household in the 1960s in Atlanta's conservative suburbs. So yes, like mother like daughter, my own girls went to Church on Sundays and gotten their hides tanned with the rattan switch - panties down, bottles bare, naturally - when they gotten naughty. Just like their mother gotten punished in her childhood !

For sure I still thank my own mom (now in her 80s) for giving me stern CP. And my hubby canes my bare backside when I deserve it ! Oh my ! Family life over decades Veronica. Your bare bum being smacked summarises it already !
Nostalgic Mom Brenda xx