Thursday, June 7, 2012

"A Bare Bottom Breakfast" (Sunny side up!)

John, my husband Tony's older brother came to visit us for a week and I promised to cook him a big dinner before his departure but on the night before he was to leave and catch his flight home I went out with some friends and arrived home late. Tony was upset but when I promised to make his brother John breakfast prior to his journey home he let it slide. We ordered pizza instead and began playing cards when the phone rang, it was my Uncle Joe. I invited my uncle over to join us for a card game and within the hour he was at my house. Several hours later around midnight we ended the card game and retired for the night. I insisted that my Uncle Joe stay the night because I did not want to send an old man out at that hour. He and John can share the guestroom next to the kitchen. I joked with them and told them I would be up bright and early to make breakfast. I even wrote their request down on paper, John wanted his eggs over easy and Uncle Joe wanted his sunny side up. Once upstairs in our bedroom and while I was undressing Tony warned me of what would happen if I did not keep my promise and make his brother breakfast before his flight home. I slowly removed my panties (I don't sleep with panties on) put on my night shirt and snuggled next to Tony.
The next morning I awoke to the sun shining on my face, I heard a car door slam shut and looked out my window. What I saw next gave me an adrenaline boost, a taxi was pulling out of my dive way! I ran downstairs and peeked into the guestroom only to see my Uncle Joe sleeping and John gone. I overslept and now I'm going to get spanked by Tony. I went into the kitchen and sat motionless and suddenly Tony was standing in front of me. I could not look him in the eyes and kept my head down. I had a nervous smile on my face and placed my hands between my bare legs. "I'm sorry," I whispered but Tony was already holding a rather mean looking slipper in his hand. "Please Tony" I pleaded "Uncle Joe is in the next room and he'll hear everything, at least wait until he goes home!" Tony looked at me and shouted, "your uncle wants his eggs sunny side up, RIGHT? So we'll give him what he wants but poor John won't have his over easy because you never made him breakfast!" Tony put me over his knee and began to spank me and even though my uncle knows that Tony spanks me I knew this one will be on the bare bottom, after all I wasn't even wearing panties! My head was facing the door leading into my uncle's guestroom and after a few slaps I can see the door slowly open. I now knew my uncle was watching me get spanked! As you all know my uncle also has a spanking fetish so I could only imagine what he was thinking as I got spanked. Tony was also aware of my uncle peeping and decided to further embarrass me by standing me up and have my bottom face the guestroom door. Tony spanked so hard and I kicked so much that at one point he had to pin my leg down with his. When my spanking was over Tony ordered me to make breakfast and left me alone in the kitchen. After an hour in the kitchen my uncle walked in and acted as if he knew nothing. "Good morning Uncle Joe, I'm making your eggs sunny side up like you requested." He looked at me and with a radiant smile said "sweetheart sunny side up sounds just splendid." I bet it does! xoxo


Njspank said...

Your beautiful bottom got the slippering your earned our naughty lady, his brother should have watched.

Very sexy

Anonymous said...

It is good to see that you are held accountable at times , nothing like running a tight ship to keep things nice and orderly.

Correction Man.

Anonymous said...

Unkie did get a bonus ,love and spanks,timxx

Anonymous said...

Your uncle must feel like he won lotto having you for his niece. Lol.