Thursday, June 28, 2012

Fundamentals of a successful marriage...

a good hard SPANKING!


Njspank said...

Wonderful, sound, methodical spanking over her loved one's lap, thank you for sharing. Nice bottom and love the panty wrapped around her knee.


RobertOTK said...

Old school, low definition, but very beautiful. His steady spanks build the heat in her bottom; she squeals and kicks more and more as her spanking goes on.... How delicious. Nice choice, Veronica....

Charlie said...

This looks like an old Nu-West video. She is soundly spanked.

Anonymous said...

*Fundamentals of a successful marraige* is a very good title indeed because it holds so much truth, although the young woman on the receiving end may not entirely agree with me.

Correction Man.

Anonymous said...

the young girl got big spanks,love spanks,your chum ,timxx

Anonymous said...

Wonderful Veronica ! :-)
What a lovely, gorgeous wife Anne is. No doubt she gotten her bare bottom soundly spanked by her mom n pop when she was naughty growing up. I would have an awesome chat with her already ! :-)

Love hubby's strict narrative. He makes it clear Veronica, that if you and I and my sister were his daughters we would feel the smack of a hard hand, hairbrush, or strap across the sensitive bare skin of our backsides from him or mommy Anne, we when were naughty. Quite right too. I like strict family values Veronica !!!

When I left College and started working in late 1970s, I craved the new spanking magazines and videos, like this one ! Nu West's Debby and Mommy was compelling because it was a realistic reminder of my very strict upbringing and how my traditional, stern mommy spanked me and my sister !! Today, I so love for the realistic 1950s/60s scenes with wonderful strict, caring mommies like Dana Specht and others. Just like my own strict, loving, religious mom was !! And naughty daughters like Sarah Gregory. I like fact-based reality Veronica, because of my strict Georgia home life growing up with bare botty switchings from mother. My hubby quite likes a more fantasy scenario - schoolgirls, sorority girls.

Since a lil' Southern girl, I have always liked talking with older ladies strict moms and older friends (including my peers strictly raised in the 1960s of course). Spanking was so pertinent to their lives as spankers and spankees. I was lucky enough to meet an older German lady at work in the early 1980s. She's now a best friend and in her 60s (I'm in my 50s)

Despite my business travels, it was rare at work to meet a female who could talk about spanking ! Oh my ! But this lovely lady gave me a European insight and talked about her bare bottom canings from her parents as a lil' girl in the 1950s in Germany. Again, no abuse or ill-treatment just very strict, kind, Ol' fashioned discipline from loving parents. A stinging botty is harmless Veronica ! I was raised the same and we both appreciated the retrospect, when we gotten older! Oh my !
Love these retro videos Veronica. As does my hubby already !
Nostalgic Naughty Brenda xx