Thursday, June 14, 2012

"No cell phones in school!!!"


Anonymous said...

Exactly how it should be! when undergoing an education , you should be attending to learn and NOT engage in constantly using mobile phones. Hope the recipients bottom is well dealt with, to deter her from future unbecoming conduct.

Correction Man.

Njspank said...

Love the uniform, the panty and the sound spanking on yoiiur adorable bottom!!!

Also love the new banner, your little legs kicking in jeans and sneakers, just hot.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely right Veronica!
You'll be disappointed to here that I was not naughty at school! I did not dare misbehave and then have to face my mother !
Compliance and hard studying at school was very firmly advocated by my mama and papa.
My hubby and I love the schoolgirl theme.

Back in Georgia in the 1960s/70s, my friends often got their bare legs smacked in the park or mall.
Surprisingly, my strict mother did not smack me or my sister in public. But when we got home she was a very firm smacker !!

Mom also did not believe in switching (caning) hands Veronica - it wasn't safe. Bottoms provided a safe appropriate surface for punishment in a loving fashion. My mommy said it was a "special place provided by God and Nature" for attitude adjustment (cringing but cute Veronica, so old fashioned, Georgia style!)
Mom's loving concern was coupled with a very strict philosophy...namely that our bottoms should be bare for punishment. This involved a switchin' with an ultra-thin, whippy, rattan switch.

Mommy used to say that is was unfair and illogical that girls got bare legs smacked in public, but clothed protected bottoms smacked in private. I agree. Although I didn't as a naughty lil at the time. But mom always bared my botty for a whuppin'!
Sounds weird writing about such ol' fashioned, cute but typically Southern sternness of yore !
Naughty Nostalgic Brenda xx