Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Painting the back porch red...



Njspank said...

Just wishing I was your neighbor!

What a nice spanking.


Aunty Andrea said...

And what an appropriate place to do it.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, what a delicious bottom Veronica. Yummy ! And so funny too :-)

In strict Ol' Georgia when I was a lil' girl, my mummy painted my back porch red with a lil', cute, whippy, rattan cane. Just perfect for tanning the sensitive bare behinds of naughty little brats. A harmless but extremely effective maternal lesson upon my chubby, lil' cotton-white sit-upon !

We didn't have a porch, but with doors and windows open, the elderly neighbours heard how a strict, caring mom dealt with misbehaving daughters.
And of course, the neighbours entirely supported my mother's stern approach to domestic discipline Veronica. Indeed, mummy talked about it with them routinely.

Back then in the late 1960s, whuppin's were just part of family life. And spankings were embedded in faith, moral codes, family values and simple old-fashioned discipline. Nothing complicated. Part of community fabric (oh my, it sounds funny writing that now)

Veronica, those lovely neighbours could hear the smack of the rattan switch across my bare behind, and my raucous cry-baby bawling (oh my, the sting was nasty Veronica)

But importantly, the neighbours knew that it was all part of kind, caring and loving nurturing...albeit extremely strict within the typical Southern style (as you well know Veronica)

And so for this reason, my sister and I were not embarrassed by talking about our switchin's with the elderly neighbours. Or knowing that they could hear it all clearly ! (if not actually see it) It was just part of a lil' girl's upbringing in those days Veronica.
Brenda xx