Sunday, June 10, 2012

"The woodshed is locked but here will do just fine!"


Anonymous said...

The woodshed is indeed a fine place to conduct any correction issues , but better to proceed ASP with any required punishment than to let it go unatended.Which from the accompanying picture certainly seems to be the case i am pleased to say

Correction Man..

Njspank said...

I still want to move to your neighborhood.


Anonymous said...

The Woodshed is a lovely fantasy for we Southern girls Veronica. Straps, paddles and switches applied to our lil' bare princess botties eh ?! And for me growing up in 1960s Georgia, the woodhsed was a feature for naughty daughters who lived in more rural areas, rather than suburbs. I love (and uphold) strict Southern family values Veronica and so I like your "anytime anywhere" approach to outdoor spankings Veronica - my hubby agrees with you ! Indoor,outdoor, woodshed....who cares already. Oucheees to tender bare bums !

In realty in the 1960s, when we were growing up, spankings gotten to be a strict, loving ritual which was routine :-( Punishment took place in the lounge and our bedrooms (nearer bed time).

Mommy would fetch the flexible rattan switch which was the "botty smacker" (from age 8 for us). We would be scolded and then had to put our hands on our head. If we wore pretty dresses, mommy would bend and slip her hands under our dresses and tug our white panties to our knees. We would then bend over the sofa and mom would flip up our dresses to expose the alabaster-white skin on our bottoms.

Oh my !! Her expert whuppin' technique was to gently flick the rattan switch ("whipping" action) across the sensitive, bare skin to "burn" the surface and create a "hornets nest" of an unbearable sting. It would build and build and redden and redden. Countless flicks of the switch ("rod of correction") were safe and stingy on unprotected botties....which is the idea Veronica. I use the same method !!

I will never forget my naughty lil' sister's chubby, whiter- than- white botty gotten redder and redder with mom's switch. Sister would be screaming (as neighbours could hear already) but it was totally harmless. Just kind, Ol' fashioned maternal care Veronica !!! My sister saw me punished the same.

In our bedrooms we would have our jamies pulled down to our knees to uncover our naughty white bottoms to feel the hornets nest ! The woodshed became an icon in my mind, when I was older Veronica. Not when mom spanked ma back then ! My hubby now takes over discipline of course.
Naughty Nostalgic Lil' Brenda xx