Monday, July 2, 2012

A bottom made for spanking

My husband likes to say that my bottom is made for spanking and ever since I was a young lady I have always received extra male attention because of my posterior. I certainly don't have a Kim Kardashian butt or even a J-Lo butt, but I do have a lil' bump back there and it's firmness only enhances the pleasure of spanking it (so says my husband).



RobertOTK said...


nicejohn said...

Your husband is a very wise, and lucky man! His observation is accurate, and I thank him and you for sharing his good fortune with us. I always enjoy your blog!

Anonymous said...

yes Veronica a fine botty,love and spanks,timxx

Anonymous said...

My own good lady is well endowed in that department also, and certainly filled out a pair of riding jodhpurs to perfection may i state with considerable pleasure.

Correction Man.

Njspank said...

Not only is it made for spanking, you are built for spanking and Tony's lap is built for you plus your bottom is beyond beautuful!!

Anonymous said...

Delicious scene Veronica. But I recommend the naughty step for naughty lil' daughters! :-) haha...yeah right !?
When I was working after College in the early 1980s, I was fascinated by the expanding spanking scene, literature and media - magazines and videos alike.
But I was also intrigued by the gradual PC movement and introduction of Groundings and Naughty Steps. Especially given my upbringing, when those paddles, " for the cute lil' deer with the bear behind" were ominously on show in the stores.
I found the Naughty Step hilarious (ridiculous Veronica!)
For I was raised in the 1960s by a very strict mother who gave sound whuppin's as part of her loving but disciplinary caring regime. There was no wishy washy thinking in our house. Out came the lil' rattan switch. And my mother always pulled my panties down and punished on a bare botty...for a necessary nasty sting but a perfectly safe sting too. Appropriate discipline ! My mother quite correctly emphasised that in the privacy of our home, there was no reason for my panties not to be pulled down. And so the switch was always administered on my bare behind. Strict Southern 1960s' style punishment Veronica!
The Nu West 1980s' videos captured the essence of my mom's earlier discipline...but the latter trends of PC and Naughty Step were another planet ! Oh my, how fascinating Veronica.
Naughty Lil' Brenda xx