Monday, July 16, 2012


until proven guilty!


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Me thinks guilty will be proven.


Anonymous said...

Count yourself lucky already ! It was the other way round with my mommy when I was a lil' girl growing up - guilty until proven innocent ! Oh my Veronica ! :-(

Standing there with her whippy, rattan switch, mommy was (real scary !) and would demand the bare truths. And she would uncover the bare truths by pulling down our white, cotton, conservative panties, raising our pretty dresses, and threatening to turn the soft, whiter-than-white skin a brighter shade of scarlet as was traditional for naughty daughters in our house in the 1960s Veronica ! :-(

My lil' cute sister had a real problem with lying and she gotten her lil' chubby, bare Coppertone botty whipped by mother many times over the years ! My mother said that an unbearable stinging bottom was harmless and that good whuppin's with the switchy-stick for naughty daughters were part of her Christian faith and Ol' fashioned, loving, family values. She was similarly raised in the 1930s Veronica (rattan switch on a very bare botty)

I often got the rattan switch for my tantrums and feisty attitude (rather than lying) and my sister and I often got whipped together for misbehaviour. Mommy was extremely strict and no-nonsense !!
This was not unusual in the 1960s, although mother was one of the strictest and oldest moms in the neighbourhood. Mom is now in her 80s Veronica.

In truth, bare botty canings were totally harmless Veronica. But yes, oh my, rather traumatic. The ferocious switch was ultra-thin and ultra-flexible, and suitable for loving discipline on bare skin..."the hornets nest" we said. It was often called a"rod" in the Faithful sense (of not sparing the rod) but was not a rigid cane, which would cause abuse, bruising and damage to tender bottoms.

Our spankings were kind, loving but very strict in that Ol' fashioned Southern fashion Veronica, which you gotten too and understand already ! And for sis and me, always administered on our bare botties. Quite right too Veronica !
Naughty Lil' Brenda xx