Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Just some drawings I like


Aunty Andrea said...

The rather steampunk flavoured one at the top is cute.

Anonymous said...

yes nice photos ,love and spanks,Timxx

Anonymous said...

drawings i mean.

Anonymous said...

Sooo love the top cartoon Veronica. So very cute. Strict and loving discipline administered by mummy. No fuss. No nonsense.
That's how my sister and I were raised.

Veronica, it was extremely matter of fact and simple back in the late 1960s if we lil' daughters very very naughty. Botties were bared and mommy did her duty with the lil' rattan switch which was kept menacingly in the cupboard. Tough love prevailed. Cute in retrospect though. Mummy was stern but very loving.
Brenda xx

Anonymous said...

Yes, sure is me as a strict 1980s mother in the top drawing.....like mother, like daughter !
I so love the very strict, conservative and cute aspect of this mother daughter scene. Very realistic already !
Many moms of my age (late 50s) gotten raised with CP in the 1960s, and so naturally incorporated it into their domestic beliefs when they became mothers !

My two now-grown-up daughters will tell you that the soft, sensitive skin on their tender backsides (naturally bare, minus protective coverings) was where justice gotten served when they were naughty !
My strict, religious upbringing as a child meant that when my own daughters gotten me real cross.....out came the cane and down came their lil' panties. No wishy-washy PC nonsense in my mommy-approved handbook Veronica!!....."don't spare the bare" was my advocacy.

Proper maternal whuppin's on bare alabaster -white botties made for good, calm, traditional family life Veronica. My girls gotten to strongly agree when they grew up and now look back favourably on their strict childhoods. As do I, myself. And quite a common viewpoint in the South already, Veronica. Hugs and thanks.
Strict Mom Brenda xx