Tuesday, July 17, 2012

"Sleep Remedy"

Can't sleep? My husband has an old remedy and it's not a sleeping pill or relaxing tea! I was pouting one night because I refused to turn the light off and go to sleep even knowing that my poor husband needed to wake up early. I told him that I needed something to help me sleep at night, I told him I need to make an appointment to see my doctor and get a Rx for sleeping pills. He said he has an old-fashioned remedy and the next thing I knew I was getting spanked! Now I need something for the pain too!

P.S. I'll be on vacation (holiday) until next week so if you don't see me posting do not be alarmed. It's time for some fun in the sun. xoxoxo


Njspank said...

Lovely silky nightgown, beautiful panty and a nice good night spanking, very hot.

Have a terrific time and relax!

Hermione said...

A spanking is a lovely substitute for a sleeping pill.


Anonymous said...

Veronica nice pics ,big spanks before bedtime ,have a nice holiday,love and spanks,Timxx