Wednesday, August 15, 2012


The anytime and anywhere policy was one of my husbands brilliant ideas. Basically it states that if I act out of line and deserve a spanking he has the authority to spank me right on the spot! Fortunately for me Tony gets embarrassed quicker then I do so he'll refrain from spanking me in very public places like the mall or a crowded restaurant but I have been put over his knee at Raymour & Flanigan but that story is for another time. Family's problem because I'll be taken into a quiet room and spanked and the same goes if we are at our friends homes. The next photo-set is from a spanking I got for squirting him with the garden hose. The first few times I squirted him I was warned but me being me just kept on doing it. Now it's 5pm on a sunny afternoon and Tony is spanking me so hard that the slaps echo like firecrackers for the whole neighborhood to hear. The old man next door almost broke his neck trying to look and lets not forget about the frat house on the other side, those guys love it when Tony spanks me. I've even been nicknamed "Spanky" by many in the neighborhood and no one ever calls the police because they see us as a the cool, kinky couple. Do I like the anytime...anywhere policy? Hell yeah!!! xoxo

"Not on my bare bottom!!!"

"I'm not done with you yet!!!"


Njspank said...

You two continue to amaze and I still wish I was living in your neighborhood! Wow, amazing and love the hot spanking he delivered to you, well earned! Love the Not Finished with you, lovely spanking on a lovely bottom!

Aunty Andrea said...

I'm sure you'll be trying to get spankings in the most unlikely of places, Veronica, just to embarrass Tony.

Anonymous said...

I wish I was one of you neighbours Veronica. So does my hubby ! :-)
Brilliant idea from Tony: "anytime... anywhere". My hubby and I agree Veronica...very sexy. And keeps we naughty lil' girls on our best behaviour. I love being spanked outdoors. But, my strict mother does not agree already !

Growing up in 1960s, Ol' fashioned Georgia, most moms in our friendship group believed in an "anytime, anywhere policy", Veronica . I saw many a chubby, pale, lil' botty get exposed in a quiet corner (park or mall) by one of the angry mommies who needed to discipline one of my girlfriends. Pretty dresses were raised, mommy took hold of a waistband, and lil' pair of cotton panties would be tugged down to uncover a sensitive, white backside for the mommy-approved bee stings treatment !

Loud smacks, reddened bottoms and daughterly cries in the park or mall, and then the punished girl and (now calmer !) mom would rejoin the group . Outdoor bare bottom spankings were a fact of life back then. And I would always try to get close to watch one of my lil' friends get their swim suit pulled down for a maternal whuppin' on the bare botty with hand or hairbrush. I think all we naughty princesses generally tried to watch the scene ! Scary but compelling Veronica.

But my sister and I did not gotten spanked outside Veronica. Surprising, given our mom was one of the strictest and oldest around and advocated other moms punish their daughters with bare bottom spankings at home....and with a flexible, rattan switch Veronica !!!

Mom was quite conservative and modest, and felt that smacking us in public was inappropriate and embarassing. She would always wait until we got home for our punishment.
She always said that in the privacy of our home she could calmly bare our bottoms in a formal way, and smack us slowly and soundly, not with her hand.....but with her switch. Gulp !! Far more stingy Veronica. That was mom's ritual - she always used the switch, and she always pulled down our panties so that we would feel it Veronica !!!! It was also part of her religious beliefs on punishment: "don't spare the rod" and all Veronica. All our switchings were on our bare botties Veronica !! (And yes, I have interesting conversations with anti-spankers over the years Veronica !)

In retrospect I wish mom had pulled down our shorts and white panties in the park or mall and smacked our snow-white botties to a shade of ripe tomato, because it was exciting !! I love my hubby doing that.....discreetty already Veronica ! ha-ha :-)
Yes our neighbours know we like spanking. Oh my !!!

And back in Georgia in the 1960s, my mother was not embarrassed that the elderly neighbours heard many of our whuppin's ! They were also religious (and went to Church with us Veronica) and the unmistakable doors-open-summer -sound of mom's rattan switch smacking our tender, bare backsides and our princess screaming was met with their approval. Again "spare the rod, spoil the child" was our neighbours absolute belief (and advice to our mommy !!) when it came to naughty ten year-old Brenda and my younger sister and our strict, caring, hard-working mom and a father away on business ! Oh my, incredible memories Veronica. Oucheeees !
Yes, anytime anywhere... I so approve !!
Nostalgic Brenda xx