Wednesday, August 22, 2012

"Family Reunion"

"Veronica, act you age!" Tony firmly said as I giggled like a school girl and squirted him once again with my nephews water gun. You see, I have lots of relatives over this afternoon to include my mom, sisters and lots of cousins with there husbands and children and significant others. It was a little family reunion from my side of the family and one that was long overdue. Tony was a bit grumpy because he was doing all the cooking and cleaning but after all it is my family. I must admit I was acting very childish by squirting my guest with a water gun and guzzling a few beers too many. Towards the end of our gathering I was feeling rather tipsy when I began acting down right obnoxious. I pants (pulled his pants down) one of my male cousins and even though just his underwear was exposed and he even laughed Tony grew very upset. "Your making a fool of yourself," Tony whispered, "and if you continue to act this way I swear I will bare your bottom and give you the spanking of your life!" I just giggled because I know for fact that he won't spank my bare bottom, not at this moment. Not because he doesn't have the guts to do it but because there are so many small children present and besides my mother is also here. I just kept acting more obnoxious until Tony finally grabbed me by the arm and led me inside. Once in the house he continued to lead me towards an empty room and that's when I realised I was going to get the spanking he promised. Tony sat himself on the sofa and dragged me across his lap and began spanking me. Even though everyone was outside the large window just behind the sofa would make a great viewing point for curious onlookers. "Tony please," I begged, "stop spanking me before someone hears us or comes looking for me!" Tony began to pull down my jeans, "NOT ON MY BARE BOTTOM," I yelled! Tony did not care, he just kept on spanking me without losing a beat. I could hear all my guest from the window and knowing that over twenty people are just on the other side of the wall devastated me. "I told you that I would spank you on the bare bottom and that is exactly what I intend to do" he said. As my bottom jiggled beneath his palm I could feel this intense burn and knew he was determined to teach me a good lesson. After several minutes of spanking my bare bottom I stood up and began to pull up my jeans when Tony said, "NO, NO, NO, you are to lay on this couch with you bare ass exposed until I say it's okay for you to go back outside." "Yes sir," I sobbed and did as instructed. This will be a family reunion I'll never forget.


Njspank said...

I just love blue spankings, very sexy and must say Tony does your bottom some justice, lovely spanking and love your blouse, very sexy and nice contrast with your red bottom

Anonymous said...

Veronica you were acting the naughty little so hubby treated you as one ,love and spanks ,Timxx