Monday, August 27, 2012

Just grin and bare it!


Njspank said...

Always bear it sfter Tony warms your lovely panty but you love it, pure and simple, as do we!

Julia said...


Anonymous said...

Empathy, yes. Sympathy, no Veronica !...a stinging bottom does no harm.

I was taught that by mummy at the earliest age. And it's soooo right. My sister and I received a very strict and loving upbringing. When we were very naughty, we were soundly smacked. Botties were bared, and mommy did her duty with the little, rattan cane. And she broadcasted her stern views on domestic discipline too Veronica !

I vividly recall holding mummy's hand in the store and mall, while she talked with other moms. Spankings always seemed to be discussed. Mom explained how naughty li'l Brenda always got her panties pulled down so that a naughty, tender chubby little bare botty could get a well deserved tanning with that special, handy, little switch ! " It's the only way to do it", she used to say. This was the old-fashioned era of the "little deer with the bear behind" in the late 1960s.

Other moms looked at me approvingly and probably pictured my soft-skinned, whiter than white backside going a red, water melon in hue !

Although the late 1960s, given my mother's cute but cringing, sugar-coated, strict phrases on spanking: it could well have been the 1940s or 50s ! My mom was strictly raised in the 1930s...nothing seemed to have changed Veronica. Gulp !

When you are very naughty Veronica, I see no reason why you shouldn't be punished exactly as I was: panties pulled down and your botty bare. A stinging bottom does no harm...and does a lot of good. I'm fetching that l'il switch-cane young lady.

Strict Brenda xx