Thursday, August 30, 2012

"Pink Pyjamas"

As Autumn draws near and the nights get cooler there is nothing better then my warm snugly pink jammies. The warm fleece feels great on my bare skin but by all means this is not sexy nightwear. The pants are baggy and the top is a white and pink hoodie but for some reason my husband just loves to spank me whenever I wear my pink pyjamas. He loves watching my pale bare bottom turn the same color pink and all he needs is the slightest excuse to spank me. And what's a pyjama spanking without using a slipper? So for all you pyjama fans out there in Spanko-land I present you with a lengthy spanking first on the seat of my fleece and then on my tender bare butt. Enjoy and watch my bottom turn just as pink as my pink pyjamas. xoxoxoxo


Aunty Andrea said...

Lovely to see that bottom and pajamas soon matched.

Anonymous said...

Veronica ,no panties under your pys ,easier to spank botties ,love and spanks,Timxx

Njspank said...

Adorable PJs on an adorable bottom getting well spanked, nothing better, thanks

Anonymous said...

I have to chime in. No, No, No! As much as I love ur Blog/Site I have not seen a proper spanking yet. (Not being mean - love the pics!) The right knee has to be higher then the left so that ur bottom is raised more! Seems like ur always laying instead of being turned over. Ur cute bottom is not highlighted as it should be... Just saying. :)

OldFashionGirl said...

@ Anonymous: We'll keep that in mind, thanks. xoxo

Bryan said...

Hi Veronica,
You know the thing about cute pink pajamas,they always look best around a girl's knees.

Anonymous said...

Bedtime spankings - jammies down ! boohoo boohoo, not fair !

Superb sequence Veronica. And I love the last scene: jammies pulled back up to formally end the process - an important phase of strict, loving discipline. And exactly as I was brought up...clothes restored, bare botties over, humbling and punishment done !

My hubby knows that my father used to administer bedtime spankings, simply because he returned home at that time. Gulp ! Father always bared our bottoms - just strict, normal routine in our house. No fuss, Gulp ! And although less strict than mommy, he still believed in firm but fair discipline. And of course, he was still very strict by modern standards. This was the late 1960s and early 70s ! Baring naughty daughters' backsides for a whuppin' was common in our suburban community back then.

Also Veronica, he was tired after work and furious with naughty daughters: why would he apply the little rattan switch to our cotton jammies, rather than our sensitive skinned bare botties. No way - it defeats the objective of punishment. Bottoms were meant to sting !

Father was so right on this. And he knew that an unbearable stinging backside was harmless and safe. And appropriate too. The subsequent PC wave clouded facts...but in the old-fashioned, traditional Southern homesteads...spanking facts were very clear.

Just one memorable detail Veronica - to save time, daddy usually had both my sister and I bending over the bed together when we were naughty. This meant two rather chubby, very bare, very fair -skinned botties on show. No mercy was shown...he was too annoyed. Mummy punished us individually, but approved of papa's own approach. Such memorable events were written in my li'l girly princess diary Veronica. And influenced me for ever....positively I have to say.

Thanks, Naughty Brenda xx