Thursday, September 6, 2012

Another great wife Spanking

How many of you men have been worried sick wandering what time your wife is coming home? In this fine Nu-West clip we find out just what happens to naughty wives who break curfew.



Brian said...

You've just wet our appetite. More, more & more!

Anonymous said...

Another squealer from either a "Spanked Females" or "Crying Women"
feature, straight from the low budget
"blue room" of Nu-West Studios!
Tnx 4 the spnx, Veronica!

("Just make noise like it's hurting enough to cry, darlin', and we'll simulate tears rolling down your face with this plant mister...")

Dave Wolfe said...

Thanks, Veronica! I always appreciate your preservation and presentation of the culture!

The older spanking vids often suffered from substandard technical aspects, like lighting, sound, and film stock. But the actual spanking performance here is very well done!

Enzo said...

Veronica -
As much as I agree that any wife who misses curfew should get a well deserved bare bottom spanking and hard enough to be memorable...
I believe you posted this video before. Not to be picky, but that may deserve a spanking in and of itself.

Anonymous said...

Veronica he was worried about where his little wife was so he is spanking her for her own good,and there is another girl there ,is she next? love and spanks,Timxx

Njspank said...

Wonderful, classic hand spanking otk with some real impact. She is adorable but he is laying it to her nicely. I love the other lady and her expressions, no doubt she is next.
As I know you can give testimony from Tony's hand, but the classic otk hand spanking is very under rated and can be very impactful, and erotic.

paul said...

very well derseved spanking she felt it!