Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Getting to the bottom of things

Here is a nice wallpaper size photo of yours truly getting spanked.


Njspank said...

Just beautiful

Anonymous said...

Caught stealing Veronica ? Classic naughty little girl over daddy's knee. Boo-Hoo :-( .....fabulous bum. Brenda x

Anonymous said...

Slipper to the bare botty, over the knee is good medicine for misbehaving daughters!
And for me now as a naughty wife !

Although in truth Veronica, my daughters gotten off lightly with their father regarding punishment in their childhood They will tell you he was the good cop, and I was the bad cop, fierce, strict, nasty mommy who smacked their bare botties hard when they deserved it. Sure thing Veronica - I believed being a good, loving mom meant being a very strict mother ! Just like me and my sister gotten raised in childhood in the 1960s in Georgia.

But if I was at work in the office (1980s/90s) , coming home late, I was re-assured if my religious mother was looking after my young girls. She would sure give them a dose of 1960s bare bottom whipping (wooden spoon and cane) when they gotten naughty just like she gave me when I was growing up ! My daughters sure did not mess their grandma about already!

I supported her strict CP babysitting style Veronica. Oh my ! It sure my lil' daughters polite and well behaved....and my life as a working mom and home-maker mom much easier (especially with my good cop hubby shirking his paternal disciplinary duties with his daughters. Oh my !)
CP is good Veronica, PC bad !!
Strict Mom Brenda xx