Wednesday, September 12, 2012

"September and already Spanked!"

Only a few weeks into the school year and Veronica has already earned herself a good spanking here at St. Agnes Academy. All the teachers knew Veronica very well and not in a good way. She is known for her sassy behavior, pranks and disrespect! Mr. Carpenter on the other hand is a no nonsense teacher well known for spanking or paddling his pupils. Last year alone he spanked four students and the year before that he spanked six. When most teachers carry out corporal punishment after school and in private Mr. Carpenter gets right to the seat of the problem (literally) and continues his lesson as if nothing ever happened. Veronica already had detention last week for passing notes to some of the boys but this week she only continued with her obnoxious behavior. First thing Veronica did wrong to talk during a quiz. Mr. Carpenter had her sit in the naughty chair next to his desk. The class was interrupted again when Mr. Carpenter called Veronica up to his desk to she what she was drawing. Veronica approached his desk and the entire class could see her white panties when she bent over in an almost exaggerated fashion. Mr. Carpenter showed the clss what Veronica drew and it was a funny picture of him. Mr. Carpenter grabbed Veronica by her ear and spanked her bottom in front of the entire class. He first spanked her over her short skirt then her panties and finally on her bare bottom. It was a sight to see, her bottom turned beet red right in front of the class. When the spanking was over Mr. Caprpenter's class was interrupted again when everyone began to laugh! Yes, young Veronica had put a "kick me" sign on poor Mr. Carpenter's back. Once again she was taken across his knee for a second spanking. It's going to be a long year for Veronica and to think it's only September. XoXo


Ha! Ha! Ha!

Time for another spanking!


Njspank said...

How much do we love the naughty yet sexy school girl....amazing phote set, one of your best. Love the skirt spanking, the white panty peaking out, then the long panty spanking to finally your beautiful bare bottom!!! Then you get it all again, wow. Just so sexy, thanks

Aunty Andrea said...

I want to know what took her so long.

Anonymous said...

It's not Veronica's fault. The cheeks of her ass are a temptation to all. Such saucy cheeks were made to be spanked and I expect they will be kept sizzling hot for years to come.