Thursday, September 27, 2012

"The Next Room"

It was a Sunday afternoon and we had some friends over for coffee and dessert. All of us were sitting in the living room chatting up a storm when I brought up the discussion of  female masturbation with one of the girls. It was something about how we women enjoy pleasuring ourselves with the shower head. My husband found this very inappropriate and reprimanded me for bringing up such a topic. I of course ignored him and continued talking about my masturbation ritual and even went further by bringing my sex toys to include vibrators and clitoral creams and lets not forget my favorite, "the hyper bunny!!!" My husband had enough and walked into the kitchen, I followed him and soon realised that was a big mistake. Once in the kitchen I found myself staring at the floor, why? Because I was face down across his lap about to get spanked! The spanking proceeded over my tight denim jeans but soon after was instructed to remove them. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! on my bare bottom rained for several minutes, and I can see our guest peeking from the next room as I got spanked. Even though my husband's back was turned towards them it was obvious what was going on and within plain sight. After a rather lengthy spanking I was let up but could not confront my guest.  I went into my bedroom and put the hyper bunny to good use. XoXo

Let's get these pants way down!


Njspank said...

Well now I wish I was in that room peaking at your spanking but must say you have added a whole new dimension to the shower! That is just hot!

Love your beautiful bottom but in blue jeans, wow!

Thanks and keep up the nice discussions with your friends.


Anonymous said...

Veronica so you got big spanks for naughty behaviour ,love and spanks from ,Timxx