Wednesday, October 31, 2012

"Naughty Lil' Witch"

Even though it was Halloween Mr Reynolds was not expecting any trick-or-treaters so early in the day. As he looked out his door he saw a witch approaching with a grin on her face. She certainly was not a small child but he knows that even adults beg for candy on Halloween. As he opened the door he was greeted with a loud "trick-or-treat." He told the witch that he was not expecting anyone so soon and would be right back with some candy. Mr. Reynolds went to the next room and came outside from the side door to give the witch some treats. He could not believe his eyes, the witch was about to deface his pumpkin with spray paint. He grabbed the paint from her hands then turned her over his knee for a sound spanking. Mr. Reynolds was very old-fashioned and felt that today's youth lacked discipline. As the witch kicked her legs and pleaded Mr. Reynolds just kept spanking her. He lifted her dress and spanked her on her panties and then he pulled them down and began spanking her bare bottom. Her bottom was turning a nice shade of pink when he noticed more trick-or-treaters up the street. He lifted her off his lap and ordered her into his home to continue the spanking. Once inside the witch stood there embarrassed about what just happened as Mr. Reynolds lectured her. Once again she was over his knee for a sound hand spanking.  The spanking lasted for a good twenty minutes and wasn't over until Mr. Reynolds felt the witch's bottom was good and red. After the spanking the young witch rubbed her bottom and pulled her panties back on. She was told by the stern Mr. Reynolds that next time he'll take the hairbrush to her bottom. As she left Mr. Reynolds sat down and thought how it was going to be a long Halloween.......  Happy Halloween!


"You're about to spray paint my pumpkin!"


"Over my knee you go young lady."

"Just starting to get some color here"

Sorry, adults only!

Time to move this show inside.

"It's finally over."

"I'm not going to sit for a week!"

"Happy Halloween"


Aunty Andrea said...

I do like the naughty witches equally naughty panties.

Anonymous said...

The little vixen witch will receive more spanking's before the night is through! A Wizard waits. I love the story and pictures.
A picture link is below, I hope you enjoy it?

smuccatelli said...

Barely naughty. A thong would be far naughtier. And would be cause for a far more thorough spanking...

Anonymous said...

OMG too cute. But black thong panties with Wishful Thinking written on the crotch would have been even more bewitching.