Monday, October 8, 2012

Paddled Bottom

The paddle is kept in the kitchen drawer and taken out for the most severe infractions.
Wood on bare flesh echoes throughout the entire house and the paddling stops only when my bottom is a deep red.



Anonymous said...

The ping pong paddle is the perfect size to too cover each cheek nicely, and with slight movements it can cover the whole bottom with a delightful shade of red. Or if applied long enough to an errant naughty girl’s bottom it can be much more severe. It will cause sobs, tears, quivering buttocks, pleas for mercy, and finally a whole new attitude. It is that new contrite attitude that is purpose of the spanking.
By the way what was your infraction?

smuccatelli said...

You must have been VERY naughty... ;-)

OldFashionGirl said...

My infraction was having a potty mouth. xoxo

Njspank said...

Wow, and I thought Tony was leniant, that is some quick posting for you and your potty mouth, amazing couple you are.

Anonymous said...

Paddles can tan botties sore ,love and spanks,Timxx

Anonymous said...

Oh my, you're such a naughty lil' brat Veronica. My hubby spanks me with the paddle Veronica - it's an American icon :-) yummy ;
But you know I was not punished with it as a lil' girl growing up. But many of my princess friends certainly were. We compared notes ! Oucheeeees !

Oh my, I so remember seeing the "cute little deer with the bear behind" paddles in the store from the earliest age. And my strict mommy used to point them out to me- I felt excited and scared and vulnerable standing in my 1950s style canary yellow dress and ol' fashioned, white cotton panties. It was cringing but part of my strict, loving and conservative upbringing where spankings were an act of faith in the community - and a fact of life in our house.

We princess friends talked about our parental spankings often- stories of hairbrushes, paddles, straps, hard hands and switches landing on fairest, bare behinds ! Sounds bizarre today Veronica, but was common back then in the late 1960s.

My mommy once showed the lil' dreaded rattan switch (recently purchased) to other moms one coffee morning. So cringing Veronica. I've never forgotten that !

It was no Dragon cane, just a lil' thin whippy switch designed for naughty ten year old bratty daughters ! And designed for the bare botty too (boo-hoo)and sadly not meant to sting through cotton panties or my pretty dress. And my mommy was far too strict and always pulled my panties down so that my cotton white sensitive botty skin would feel the switch more. She reminded me that it was punishment, so my bare backside was essential ! I agree Veronica.

The sting was terrible (as mom intended !) but I must stress was perfectly safe and harmless. Spankings were both loving, strict and that ol' fashioned Southern way Veronica xx a stinging bottom does no harm :-)
Nostalgic Brenda xx