Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Papa's belt was used more on my bottom...

then it was for holding up his pants.


Njspank said...

That is just hot and love your outdoor spankings, or should I say beltings....that belt looks well, ouch!!

RobertOTK said...

More strap spankings please....!

Anonymous said...

Papa's belt on my bottom too Veronica! But done by my hubby, pretending to be papa !

My real papa didn't use a Southern strap on my behind when I was a naughty lil' Brenda growing up. But he did use a lil' switch - and always on my bare botty too. Mommy insisted on ultra strictness, although my pop was stern too, this being the 1960s and all.

So I didn't get the strap when I was a lil' girl, but my friends did. And when I was a single, working girl years later in the 1990s, some of my boyfriends and girl buddies who were not from the South were fascinated by my very strict upbringing and by my mom's harsh approach to discipline. They didn't quite appreciate Southern domestic traditions Veronica!! :-)

My spankings as a daughter seemed exotic as I grew older Veronica. But for me and my sister, getting a switchin' on our sensitive, very pale-skinned, exposed botties, was a routine (and yes harsh) fact of life in Ol' Atlanta town. It was only when I left the South that my domestic past seemed so incredibly strict on a relative basis. I referred to the attitude adjuster as a switch, but Europeans called it a cane. Anyway Veronica, my sister and I got it from mom with our panties pulled down and tender botties bare (decades ago) and I've enjoyed recalling the events to friends ever since !
Brenda xx