Thursday, November 8, 2012

"Domesticating Veronica"

I must admit that when I was young I was very wild, always getting into mischief as a teenager and causing havoc for my poor mother. My father passed away when I was young so my mom had to raise three kids on her own and she was not much of a disciplinarian. When I met my husband in college he knew that I was wild and felt it is his responsibility to domesticate me like some wild tiger. As you all know from reading my blog this is an endless task for my hubby but one that we both equally enjoy. Even though I share a lot of my spankings on this blog some of my more traditional and routine spankings are not shared or what I call my domesticating spankings. When I'm naughty I'm scolded like a child then I'm told that I'll be spanked right before my bedtime. Now I have the entire day to anticipate what is to come.... a darn good spanking. After supper I am told to go and get ready for bed (yes, I'm also sent to bed early as part of my punishment) and then my spanking. Once inside my bedroom I can see that my husband has already placed a straight back chair in the room, I then strip down naked and put on a long night gown. Tony will then enter our bedroom and lock the door behind him. He scolds me some more and I am made to feel like a child. He sits in the chair and signals for me to get across his lap. Tony spanks me very hard with his hand for several minutes and then raises my nightgown above my waist to expose my naked body from the waist down. He continues to firmly spank me and even though my eyes well up with tears I take my spanking like a big girl. Sometimes Tony spanks me so hard that once his right hand hurts he'll use his left hand. The spanking is very lengthy and rapid, several hundred slaps will land on my bottom but my stuborness keeps me from crying out loud but even a stubborn girl like me has her breaking point. Once I begin to bawl like a baby across his lap then he'll stop. This sort of spanking goes on several times a week in order to domesticate me. Is it working? I'll never tell! XoXo

A chair is place in my room.

Naked from the waist down makes me feel vunerable yet it turns me on.

My eyes well up but I hold back my crying.

Tony switches hands to continue with my spanking.

I'm getting ready to cry like a child.

I begin crying but he still spanks me hard.

My bottom is now swollen and on fire.

I bawl like a baby and learned my lesson.

My bottom is now sore but my domestication has just begun.


Anonymous said...

Her tears were a welcome sight. She had been headstrong and defiant. It was imperative to show her the error of her ways. Breaking her spirit was not the purpose of the spanking. But making sure she understood all actions have consequences, both good and bad, was the goal. Now as she lay across his knee softly sobbing, limp with a crimson bottom, he was assured that the lesson had been learned.

Love your post and pictures.

Njspank said...

My goodness, once again you and Tony just keeping topping each post with another amazing entry, to admit you are in need of otk spankings and for him to hand them out to you is amazing. I love the process and the night gown is just beautiful; as are you and your bottom.

Thank you my lady, amazing and inspirational as well.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful bottom.....and well spanked too!

Anonymous said...

Yes Veronica the spankings do good as you are a caring girl,love and spanks,Timxx

sunnygirl said...

I read Bonnie's recap this AM and am taking the advice of one commenter, Hermione, I believe. It was mentioned we should visit other sites not just those with which we are very familiar.

Your post today just happened to be across from the comment so I chose to click on. Guess what, I've been a lurker here a few times but today I a sending a comment and will try and stop by more often.

OldFashionGirl said...

Thanks Sunnygirl that's real sweet, I hope you enjoy my blog as much as I like yours. xoxo xoxo