Sunday, November 18, 2012

Nurse's Instructional Video On Rectal Temp Taking

  • Lubricate the end of the probe with a small amount of lubricating jelly.
  • Place your patient on his stomach across your lap before taking his temperature.
  • Gently slide the probe of the thermometer into the rectum about a 1/2 inch. Stop inserting the thermometer if it becomes difficult to insert. Never force the thermometer into the rectum.
  • Continue to hold the thermometer the entire time you are taking the temperature. Always stay with your patient while taking the temperature.
  • Keep the thermometer in place for aprox one minute.
  • Remove the thermometer and check the numbers.


    Njspank said...

    This is just freakin hot and you are a beautiful lap but this is it.

    Anonymous said...

    is this suppose to be you doing this if so i owuldntm ind going over your lap as you do this to me and then give me good spanking buit i know your not spanker just a spankee

    Madison Ohio

    Anonymous said...

    I wish all of my Nurse's were as hot as you. I especially liked the "butt rub and squeeze you gave your husband." Love the video!

    RobertOTK said...

    Nicely done...... When I have a 'sick' naughty miss over my knee, I like to gently tap the protruding thermometer......... Just to give her something to think about.

    Scott S. said...

    HOT, HOT, HOT !!!
    I could be over your lap for an hour.
    You are so beutiful and skilled as a nurse ! Thanks for the good work!!