Thursday, November 15, 2012

One Orgasmic Spanking

This video is from Far East media and even though they no longer make spanking videos I thought this particular clip was just awesome. The girl is hand spanked until she has an orgasm while across his knee and later she gets it with the hairbrush. I believe this girl really enjoys her spanking's almost as much as yours truly. xoxo


Njspank said...

No doubt my friend, thought, ever have a orgasm over Tony's lap?

Hot post, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Far East Media made many erotic and obviously sexual movies. They epitomized fun and usually playful spankings. Some were more severe but all had a common theme; sex at the end of the spanking. The orgasm of the woman, while being spanked, is a complete turn on. If all women got off in that manner during a spanking it would be fantastic! OTK is the perfect scenario for this to happen. Touching and probing, sensuous rubbing, between spanks all can lead to an unexpected orgasm. But whether that occurs or not, sex in the end will be more intense for both partners.
A great video, thanks.