Thursday, November 29, 2012

"Peeling Back The Layers"

"The Banana"
"The Naughty Girl"
The peel, also known as rind or skin, is the outer protective layer of a fruit or vegetable which should be peeled off prior to eating. So my denim jeans act as a peel for my tender but not yet ripened bottom and should be peeled off during a spanking. So comparing a woman's bottom to fruit I feel is appropriate, won't you agree? Especially a bottom that is going to be spanked soundly! If you tap a banana at a certain location then peel it back you'll notice that it is bruised. This is true of a lot of fruit if you repeatedly tap the peel. So when I'm over hubby's knee for a much deserved spanking once my jeans are peeled back to reveal my panty-clad bottom you'll see some bruising too and more bruising once my panties come down. You just have to peel the layers to get to the ripened fruit! Yes, a woman's bottom is very much like fruit, you just need to peel the layers to get to the juicy part. xoxo
"Yummy, yummy produce"

"Yummy, yummy bottom"


"Time to peel the layers!"
"Now that the outer layer is off."

"Down with the inner layer to reveal some ripen fruit."

"All the way down!"

"Not completely riped yet, let's spank it some more!"


sunnygirl said...

That's some spanking. R U sitting comfortably yet?

smuccatelli said...

If you save the pics in order and then click through them in order in the viewer, they make a lovely filmstrip...

OldFashionGirl said...

@ sunnygirl: This was a very hard hand spanking and lasted for at least twenty minutes. I had a very hard time sitting after that one! Ouch!

@ smuccatelli: Most of my photo-sets are in chronological order so yes, you can make a film strip out of them. XoXo

Njspank said...


Love this one, my favorite kind of spanking to deliver, long, slow and layer by layer, love the jean warm up, ouch, extended and lovely panty spanking, double ouch and then the finale on your beautiful bare and red bottom. OTK spanking at it's best, slow and steady, peeling back the it.

Anonymous said...

well iam sure you get peel alot before every one of your spankings you get and know your bottom is ripe when he done spanking it.

you do have one of the most cutest bottom i have ever seen. bet you cant wait until you can sit again then mad at yourself for what you did to get spanked for

madison ohio
age 41

Anonymous said...

Veronica, you must have memorized every one of the kitchen tiles by now. Lol.


Dave Wolfe said...

I've always thought you two were an a-peeling couple, Veronica!

Congrats on the Chross refferenc3e, and oh yeah, Dr. Ken reminded me to wish you Happy Blogoversary, too!!

Anonymous said...

Your botty is like a smooth peach but is getting a little blushy ,love and spanks,Timxx