Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The good ol' days

To me this photo is the epitome of what a domestic spanking should be. The husband is in charge and at time he needs to take his young wife over his knee for a sound spanking. I often wonder about how much bare bottom spankings took place back in the good ol' days?


Njspank said...

I love this one. From a growing up aspect, bare bottom spankings were reserved by mom or others for the really bad stuff, 90% of spankings I got growing up were on the underpants!
THis is a classic OTK, would love to see you and Tony reanact this one!

Penny said...

In the old days, quite a few wives got bare bottom spankings. I was one of them. We talked about it to our girlfriends, and a number of mine got it from their hubbies just as I did.