Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Virgin Bottom...

untouched and unblemished. Looks like someone is asking for a SPANKING!!!


Anonymous said...

My Sister’s Friend
Veronica was a friend of my sister Jessie. She was over all the time and was forever flirting, teasing, and sometimes outright flashing me. But today was on a new level. I came out of the shower with a towel around me and from nowhere Veronica came up and yanked it off. She laughed and ran into my sister’s bedroom. This was last straw.
I wrapped the towel back around me and called out to my sister, who was in the kitchen. She rounded the corner and I led her into my bedroom. I told her about the towel incident and explained to her I was fed up with Veronica’s little games. Jessie looked sympathetic and then in a matter of fact voice asked me. “Why don’t you spank her”? That revelation from my sister was all I needed. I was going to put a stop to her questionable behavior.
I headed back to my sister’s room with her close behind me. I almost fell over when I went inside. Veronica was lying on the bed with her shorts pulled down below her butt. She looked up at us but made no move to cover herself. I wasted no time going to the bed lifting her up and placing her across my lap, towel and all. She gave some feeble protests but was surprisingly compliant. My sister went over and sat in a chair, and I began to spank Veronica’s butt with vigor. At first Veronica was quite and still, but that all changed as the spanking progressed. My pent up frustrations came out on her round, voluptuous butt. I eventually had to wrap a leg around her kicking legs to finish up her spanking. Her butt and upper thighs were a fiery red, and her voice was muffed and soft as she begged me to stop. And that she had learned her lesion; she would not tease me anymore. I released her legs and she rose up and sat next to me on the bed. I told her she I hoped she learned her lesson or the next time I would spank her to tears.
I found out later from my sister that the whole episode had been a set up. She had wanted to push me to my limit, so that I would spank her. I would oblige her many

Anonymous said...

oyur alway asking for a good hard spanking young lady

your hubby is alway near by and iwlling to give you that spanking

i will admit iam alway asking for spanking too but no one to give me the spanking

madison ohio
age 41

OldFashionGirl said...

@ Anonymous: Great story and sexy too! XoXo

Dr. Ken said...

"Veronica's bottom--the final frontier".....

Hugs and spanks,
Dr. Ken

RobertOTK said...

What a pretty canvas.... perhaps a few brush strokes will paint that lovely bottom a fetching shade of red......

Njspank said...

Just beautiful and soon to be well anyway!
Love it

Anonymous said...

The pictures from this spanking were nice and showed you in a lot of different positions. You are quite a quicker judging by the pics we saw so that should've made spanking you more of a challenge I'm surprised you didn't get paddled on your jeans just to make sure you felt it. I did like the pics of your bottom in those jeans, nice target. If it lasted for 20 minutes I'm sure you won't it comfortable for a while.

Anonymous said...

Very nice you cant sit comfortably after the spanking ,ove and spanks ,Timxx

Anonymous said...

Waiting for daddy...this is one of my favourites of you Veronica (fab soft bum) are a naughty daughter and father is home soon!
I remember those occasions well ! My mother was the main disciplinarian and far stricter than pop. But dad was still very strict by modern standards! After all, this was the 1960s..boohoo.
Mum often left bedtime spankings to him, handing him the little rattan cane when he came in GULP !....woe betide me Veronica: he was tired, disappointed in my behavior and very cross...GULP!
I had to get out of bed and bend over the bed in my full PJs. A very brief reprimand and then he took hold of the waistband of my snuggy jammies and pulled them down to my knees to uncover my whitest, tender-skinned backside. Bare botties for the cane was standard routine in our house growing exceptions for my younger sister or me. Yes, it was very harsh, but we do easily forget how extremely strict Southern family values were back then Veronica.
The sting was really nasty on a bare botty (it was supposed to be !) but ensured that a naughty little brat was properly and appropriately punished. And it was perfectly harmless and administered in a loving, caring, kind but yes, very strict fashion. My father believed it was the only fair and justified way to do it. Safe and ever-so effective...Ouchy.
And when his temper was up, there was no way he would not pull down jammies for the cane, and allow any protective coverings over the fair sensitive skin on my naughty rear-end !!....Oucheeeees...good memories (in hindsight only Veronica ! Boohoo) ...Brenda x