Monday, December 10, 2012

Don't mess with Sister Teress!


smuccatelli said...

Why is she being spanked? The Playgirl magazine or the trashy underwear and slutty shoes?
In my day, Catholic schoolgirls were supposed to wear "regulation white" underwear... ;-)

Enzo said...

Nice find Veronica!

This scenario has been overplayed but this pic is a nice find. Perhaps it is the black lace panties that does it and or the girls genuine looking dismay....

Anonymous said...

sister theresa doesnt scare me i would mess with her anytime even if it mean i end up bare bottom over her knee to be spanked i would even take your spanking to from her

madison ohio
age 41

Njspank said...

I love it and yes perhaps there was never a nun that pretty and young but I do recall the nuns in my life spanking otk, but never this hot. Ah,nice panty spanking!

Anonymous said...

Loving all the F/F content lately...Christmas coming early to me :D

Ms. Ash

max(i) said...

I would just LOVE to be dressed and act like the naughty girl here over the " strict " sister's knee for more spankings for looking in those dirty spanking magazines...being caught doing it anyway again and again...and live with her too in the same house...gee what a delightful wish...

naughty schoolgirlie max(i)

I have long dark hair...a nice bubblt butt too for spankings...and am all hairless and very femme too...have photos...if you like this idea...of having your own naughty schoolgirlie boy to give cheek reddening spankings to over your knee...Ladies preferred...yet anyone who loves a schollgirlieboy brat like me should just let me maybe if we are close enough...I will get the spankings I know I need...:)

Anonymous said...

Spanking and faith ?
Veronica, one of my earliest memories (and repeated constantly and written in my deades old princess diary!) was mom saying that my bottom was "provided by God and Nature for punishment by strict loving mommy" ! To be exact, she meant my bare bottom !!
As a lil' girl in Georgia in the 1960s I found this so cute and scary (typical of my mom's ol' fashioned, strict, conservative approach) and of course I accepted it. And bare bottom punishment was fundamental to me being raised.

We went to Church on Sundays and faith was important. My mom and Grandma also made the link between spanking and faith, as did qute a few parents. Links between right and wrong and that punishment was learning. "Don't spare the rod" was crucial in our house and in the community generally. The "rod" was different in each household (paddles, straps etc) but for sister and me, mother kept a flexible, thin, whippy, rattan cane. Oh my, we dreaded it because we always gotten it with our panties pulled down so that it would sting on the senitive skin of our bare backsides. Mom considered "bare botty" the only possible way -normal, appropriate and effective spanking.

Faith was strong but we were not overtly religious unlike some friends and indeed our neighbours (elderly coupe) who said that our bare bottom canings were "Christian spankings". My sister and I went round next door at least once a week for cookies and juice and spankings were discussed. We found their description fasinating. Naturally, mMy mother also talked about our discipline with them. I was fascinated in this link between Church faith and bare bottom punishment for daughters ( I still am !)

Veronica, in our suburban house in the 1960s it was inconceivable that mother would not have always pulled down our panties for a whuppin'. This was common and she herself was ever so strict. She said our fair-skinned botties were meant to sting ! So applying the switch to protective fabric was illogical. Bare skin also made it safe for light, controlled wrist flicks of the switch. Panties down showed mommy meant business and added humbling and formality to the process. And bare botties made us fear a caning if we were misbehaving in the mall !!

So yes, faith was important but was only a part of a complex philosophy for spanking. Although our switchin's themselves were straight forward, strict and simple Veronica. Good Ol' Southern 1960s Veronica :-(
Oucheees !
Nostlagic Brenda in my 50s xx