Tuesday, December 25, 2012

"Naughty Santa"

When Veronica told Tony that she was volunteering to play Santa at her jobs end of year Christmas party he thought it was a good thing. "Nothing like bringing joy to the employee's children" he thought. What Tony didn't know was that the employees are not allowed to bring children since alcohol was being served making it an adult only party and the Santa suit his dear wife chose to wear for the party was barley a suit at all.
"Who's naughty or nice?"
 Veronica wore a rather festive Santa suit, a short red dress barley covering her bottom. At the party she sat center stage and had all the men line up to sit on her lap and tell them what they wanted for Christmas. Veronica was extremely flirtatious and very, very naughty. A mutual friend who was also at the party decided to phone Tony and tell him exactly what his wife was up to. Tony was very upset and knew that once Veronica came home she would be getting a very lengthy spanking across his lap! It was past midnight when Veronica came home, she crept upstairs into the bedroom only to find Tony still awake. "How dare you go to a party dressed like that" he shouted! Veronica said "I think I look pretty darn cute in this outfit" as she stared at herself in the mirror. Tony then sat Veronica down and began to lecture her. Veronica paid him no mind and this made Tony even angrier. "I'm going to put you over my knee and teach you a lesson" he said firmly. Once over his knee Tony began to spank his wife with a slipper. Veronica squirmed and kicked but Tony kept spanking his naughty Santa without missing a beat. Once her bottom was bared Tony was able to see a nice red glow matching her red Santa suit. He spanked her some more then let her up. Veronica had tears in her eyes and began to pout. "I hope you learned you lesson young lady" he said. "I didn't" she mumbled. "WHAT DID YOU SAY!" Tony shouted as he pulled his wife back across his lap. "I'll just have to spank you some more. With her bottom already red from the previous spanking Tony drove the lesson home some more. This time Veronica pleaded and begged him to stop but Tony stopped when he was good and ready. "I learned my lesson" Veronica cried, "I'm sorry for being such a naughty Santa." She rubbed her sore bottom for several minutes then mumbled, "just wait until next year!"                     Merry Christmas and Happy New Year................... XoXo

"I like my Santa suit."

"Whatever dude!!!"

"What did you say Veronica?"

"I didn't learn my lesson."

Time for another SPANKING!!!

Sore bottom for Christmas
"I learned my lesson."


RobertOTK said...

Beautiful as always Veronica Merry Christmas to you and Tony. And may all of your blog followers enjoy warm red bottoms this Christmas.....!

smuccatelli said...

I gotta ask: What did you THINK was going to happen? And wearing a red suit and matching underwear to inspire him?
Poor baby...

Aunty Andrea said...

Spanking Santa at Christmas? Now that's just not on! An elf yes, but not Santa. However it was nice of Santa to wear a pair of panties that matched her glowing red bottom.

Anonymous said...

Veronica ,you lovely girl a Merry Christmas from yourchum ,Timxx,your blog is very good .

Anonymous said...

a spanking from you wearing santa outfit would be just as fun but i know you dont hand out spanking you just one who get spanked and a spankee

iam sure you would have guys like me hwo would ask or want be spanked by you i know this not possible but if ever change mind my offer still there for you

madison ohio
age 41

Unknown said...

Your clothing choice was very good, for a while i didn't think you were wearing panties. What a nice surprise when I found out you were and they were perfect. There was one photo where it was a direct frontal picture and if your hair wasn't in the way I'm sure we would've seen some a very nice view of your breasts but no so luck.. You did a very good job of teasing us in that Santa outfit .....well done

Njspank said...

Lovely red bottom to match your lovely red panty, well done

Anonymous said...

"Chestnuts roasting on an open fire"....

Oh my, just look at you trying to rub those hot burning chestnuts off your tender botty skin in those last three photos Veronica. Oh my ! That sure is a Christmas scene to savior !

I bet you sure did a Christmas spanky-dance rubbing and hopping already young lady !
I sure know how you feel trying to rub the hornets nest off my ass in the 1960s and doing the switchy-dance (often with my dancing, crying sister) after we had gotten our bare botties caned by mother !

And my two daughters (now grown-up and moved away) will tell you that a stinging bottom is harmless after I raised them the same way as I gotten raised with plenty of corporal punishment on their bare bottoms during their childhood.

I was a very strict, conservative 1980s mother who did not spare the rod. When they gotten naughty, botties gotten bared, the cane was fetched and they did the naughty daughters switchy-dance. That was the punishment Veronica. Just part of growing up.

Now many years later, my hubby will make me do the switchy-dance at Christmas. I am a naughty spankee 1950s girl at heart, but obviously I needed to be a strict disciplinarian and loving mother to raise my wonderful daughters with family values and obedience....it sure worked ! And this Christmas they will thank me for giving them CP on their bare bums !
They will also thank my hubby for not giving them CP. That is fair too Veronica. The "good cop/bad cop" worked in our traditional family and I am proud and open about my strong CP attitudes as a mother !

Happy Christmas Veronica....and may Tony roast those chestnuts on your bare white botty !
Strict Nostalgic Christmas Mom Brenda xx