Saturday, December 8, 2012



Dr. Ken said...

Just the way you like it,, I mean, just what you deserve, young lady!

Dr. Ken

Anonymous said...

well if you would behave better and be a very good girl you owuldnt need a bare bottom spanking again i hope santa doesnt have to end up giving you good bare bottom spanking iam sure you be embrassed right

madison ohio
age 41

Njspank said...

You are adorable, and yes of course a bare bottom spanking from your man on that beautiful bottom. You fit so nice on his lap!

RobertOTK said...

Really Veronica......... You're not fooling anyone.......

Sweetspot said...

Wow you are so beautiful. Your husband is a very fortunate man!

Sweetspot said...

Wow you are so beautiful. Your husband is a very fortunate man!

Anonymous said...

OMIGOSH ....yes, a bare bottom spanking young lady !
Always get butterflies when hubby passes sentence :-)and Oh my, I so remember how my sister and me gotten to cry and go to pieces when mommy said we were getting a spanking, growing up in 1960s Georgia.. Oh my, with her fetching the cane and having our panties pulled down for punishment. Bottles gotten bared was punishment in its own right ! That is the idea (strict moms know that already)

And yes, naturally, when blessed with motherhood myself later in the 1980s, my two lil' daughters gotten punished the same as me during their childhoods....I fetched the rattan cane and their panties had to come down too. Quite right. Like mother like daughter, Veronica. ! And quite common among moms in our group. CP was dominant, not PC, thank heavens !

For sure the threat of the whippy cane- "hornets nest" - on a tender bare botty is a serious threat. And when it is carried out in a loving, maternal or paternal fashion it reinforces the disciplinary rules of the house. Like mother like daughter it was as a natural cycle . And now my daughters agree with me Veronica !
Strict Mom Brenda xx