Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My Australian friends ...

what do you think? Does this still go on in the land down under?


Njspank said...

Wow. Interesting post my dear. Will be fascinated to read if Aunty Andrea comments on this article.

Aunty Andrea said...

Well, I have certainly never heard of this. I'd like to see some of those 'men' in my shop and we'd see just who does the spanking!

Njspank said...

Ah, well said Aunty!!


Travis said...

This article strikes me as hysterical. A spanking is not a beating. It is domestic discipline, and there are wives, (and some husbands), who accept it as punishment earned for bad behavior. I am talking about moderate spanking that leaves a sore bottom but nothing more.

Anonymous said...

Alive and kicking already in our strict household Veronica ! :-)

Oh my, wonderful article. I do not like the words "beating" and "cruel" Veronica. We group of lady friends (in our 50s) who grew up as peers in Georgia (and elsewhere) in the 1960s regard spankings as strict, loving discipline. My mother taught me that at an earliest age, and it stays true to me today. My mommy was so wonderful and kind (now in her 80s) but her loving values had a very strict component - bare bottom whuppin's for her daughters. That is fair Veronica !

A stinging red bottom is something my mom gave me regularly ! The sting was ferocious but harmless, and certainly not "cruel". Moreover, it was actually kind Veronica. And part of traditonal family values and my mom's care and guidance. My girly friends (we are now in are 50s) understand that smacked bottoms are part of Southern culture (especially in the 1960s) and kept us out of trouble. Lifelong lessons were learned :-) Oh my !

Corporal Punishment was just normal in all our houses. Just part of growing up. The strict, "Georgia moms" often talked about spanking and paddles, hairbrushes, switches and belts. It was the age of "the lil' deer with the bear behind" and parents would say "I'll tan your hide young lady". "I'll smack your bare fanny". It was cute, loving, Ol' fashioned and scary...not cruel.

So Mom kept a flexible, whippy rattan switch in the cupboard. There was no naughty step in the 1960s Veronica !!! And groundings were after spankings, not instead of !!
From age 8 I gotten the switch in the living room, bending over the sofa. And Oh my, yes for sure, I gotten it on a completely bare botty, every time ! With my shorts and panties pulled down to my knees. Or bending over the bed in the evening with my jammies down and my bare botty unprotected to feel "the hornets" nest". A mommy's job well done Veronica !

It was harsh Veronica. But not cruel. And my mom thought it was just normal loving discipline. She was raised the same - Church faith said "do not spare the rod of correction". And she did not ! They were appropriate whuppin's stinging the sensitive skin on the place provided by God and Nature!!! (cute quote from my mom)
A nasty sting on the botty, but never bruises Veronica. And no humiliation, just humbling for we lil' princesses (younger sister and me)

In recent years, post PC, anti-spankers and younger friends and colleagues were horrified to hear how I got my bare backside whipped with rattan switchy-stick. But it was common back then. It did me no harm, and as a strict mommy today, I know it did me a lot of good ! Kind to me and kind to hard-working mommies too Veronica.
Fabulous article.
Strictly raised daughter Brenda xx