Thursday, January 17, 2013

Sorority Girls' Revenge

Reminds me of my sorority initiation.


Njspank said...

Wow, nice one, not sure where this one came from but old fashion ping pong paddles and four just lovely panty bottoms, awesome.
Thanks, and what sorority was that by the way?

Aunty Andrea said...

They got off rather easily. Mind you I think the girl handing out the paddlings is the one who needs it the most.

Enzo said...

This is Hot!

More details about your sorority initiation please!

BEN said...

Gorgeous ; there is something incredibly sexy about a young lady bending over with her panties stretched taut across her bum- much more so than the bare bum.
Could have been whacked a bit harder!!

Anonymous said...

My Hubby is far less strict than me Veronica (you can ask my daughters about their childhood spankings !! They are long-grown- up now) and we have a different attitude to discipline. But is works all swell together !

My Hubby loves this and all sorority scenes (and schoolgirl scenes). I would be happier to march in there with my lil' cane, pull down their white panties and whip their bare, white botties to a color that matched their skirts. Four naughty girls punished. Job done properly !

And that sure explains why my hubby used to send our girls to me when they were young and gotten real naughty and needed mommy-approved correction (aka they gotten their bare bottoms smacked !!) It was good cop, bad cop in our family Veronica. And as the bad cop with my rattan switch, I did not "spare the rod" back in the 1980s/90s, raising out two wonderful girls.

Naturally Veronica, as a strict Southern mom, I gotten the same harsh bare-ass whuppin's in my childhood from my own mother (who is now in her 80s) back in the good Ol' 1960s.
Strict Mom Brenda xx