Wednesday, January 23, 2013

"Such a tender bottom"

I use so many lotions on my bottom to include baby oil just to keep it soft and tender that my bathroom is literally overflowing with creams and lotions. One early Sunday morning Tony and I just woke up and after having some amazing sex we headed into the kitchen so I can make us both breakfast. We then got into a heated discussion about visiting his mother that day. You see I was feeling rather lazy and just wanted to stay home but he promised his mom that he would visit her. During our discussion he had threatened me with a spanking so I just lifted my night shirt up and teased him with my tender bare bottom. "You wouldn't spank such a tender bottom like this" I told him. Now the majority of you reading my blog are spankers so if you were put in this predicament what with you do? After teasing Tony with my smooth bare bottom I can tell you exactly what he did! Tony grabbed his slipper and turned me across his knee and turned my tender bottom shall we say more tender.

An even more tender bottom.


Njspank said...

Good for Tony and well deserved, wow, he really reddened your beautiful bottom. Well done.

Dr. Ken said...

Another great set of photos, Veronica. I swear, you must have the most spankable bottom on the planet! Keep those lotions handy....

Hugs and spanks,
Dr. Ken

Anonymous said...

Oh what a lovely, beautiful series Veronica. The third photo down is sensational: standing there with your fairy-tender, pale botty looking so soft and sensitive. Quivering and trembling like jelly. Ready for papa' s hard slipper.

Strict daddies must not waver. They must not flinch when the fair skin on your botty is uncovered in preparation. No half-measures or giving in to a naughty daughter's crying and protests. No wishy-washy thinking at the last minute.

My father had no qualms Veronica. Down came my panties and i felt the dreaded cane across that bare tender white surface of my rear-end. Some people forget that a stinging backside is perfectly harmless. A lesson is learned. I respected his strict discipline when I was older, on reflection.Brenda x