Monday, January 21, 2013

Talk about provoking someone!

So let's just say that you are my significant other and I just lifted up my dress and told you to "kiss my ass" would that be enough to provoke you into spanking me?


Anonymous said...

well maybe if you really doing it to be spanked and get spanking? i would kiss your ass then spank it then kiss again

one question if i pull my pants down and told you kiss my ass would i end up over your lap getting spanking?

Madison ohio

Anonymous said...

Yes, the short answer. The long answer would involve the kiss of the hand and kiss of the hairbrush. After which I would actually kiss your butt; then asks you ever so sweetly,” would you like me to kiss it again?"

Njspank said...

Without a doubt and would not take but a moment to have you face down over my lap....I would warm those panties until they were red hot and then tend to your beautiful bare bottom...once you have been well spanked and I mean well spanked, I may, if I were your husband, then kiss your bottom amongst many other places.
Love the panty and the shoes are awesome.
Nice one


smuccatelli said...

It would certainly provoke me to do something: kissing your ass, spanking it or perhaps both (spanking first, then kissing...).

Anonymous said...

if the wind blew , I would be provoked into spanking that beautiful bottom

Anonymous said...

A few taps with a cane before peeling the panties off for a kiss?

Anonymous said...

lifted skirt=panties pulled down!!!! bare hand on bare bottom!!!

Dr. Ken said...

I'd go get a hairbrush first, but...yeah, that would do it!

Dr. Ken

Anonymous said...

Veronica, young lady ! How dare you ! As a Strict Southern mommy, I find your rudeness unacceptable. And on top of your bratty tantrums already ! Oh My. I am going to make you do the Southern Switch dance my girl. Go and stand by the sofa !

Veronica, sadly for you ha-ha, I was brought up in a very strict, Southern household in the 1960s, when traditonal , strict domestic values were robustly enforced ! My mom (now in her 80s !)was scary and administered stern discipline, especially as dad was away a lot. On my ! woe betide we naughty lil' girls in Atlanta's conservative suburbs in those times !

When we were naughty, mummy made my younger sister and me do the Southern switch Dance in the living room...very traditional for naughty daughters in the 1960s and 70s in Georgia.
My girl friends who say, got the parental hairbrush, paddle or strap at home would have to go and fetch a hickory switch. But my sister and I did not have to .....because mommy kept a switch made of rattan permanently in the downstairs cupboard. Gulp !
This was the dreaded "botty smacker" when we were growing up (from age eight, previously we got the hairbrush or wooden spoon) ) and we did not gotten smacked with the paddle or strap.

Crucially Veronica, we always got this lil' cane or switch on the sensitive skin of our lil' bare bottoms !! Things were harsh back then and mom believed that "sparing the rod" was not good. Mommy reminded us that a spanking was punishment, and firmly said that my soft botty had to be totally bare for spankings with the lil' cane!! Quite right too Veronica. Mom said that even wearing panties and protecting our fair, sensitive-skinned, backsides from the sting of the switch was not the idea of punishment Veronica. She really did mean business !!

Our protests were ignored as our panties always came down. Oh my, our wailing was also ignored with the stingy switchin' too !!

So hands on head please while I pull your spotty purple panties down to your knees. Lots and lots of light wrist flicks (my mom's technique) of the rattan switch on your tender, bare botty will create the appropriate "hornets nest" and ensure that a naughty brat has learned her lesson. the sting is unbearable and most crucially the "surface sting" is harmless...exactly as a smacked bottom should be.

After Veronica, I will pull up your panties and send you to you room ! Yes, I do believe in groundings ha-ha. Job done Veronica. Naughty Lil' daughters need to behave and stop messing poor mummy about !! I learned that lesson decades ago. And it still applies !!