Thursday, January 10, 2013

"The Waiting Game"

At any given time if you were to look inside my window you would find me sitting quietly in deep thought. There I am all alone waiting ..............and waiting for my husband to give me my spanking. It's sort of like when you were young and your mother said "just wait until your father gets home!" Now I'm a big girl and I'm still waiting for that masculine authoritative figure in my life to come and blister my bottom. During my wait I think about what I did wrong, what implement is he going to use etc. On this particular day I was told to wait in the living room until he came home from work. I sat there for over an hour just looking out the window until his car pulled into the driveway. Once he enters the house I am lectured like a child. Sometimes I'll point to people or objects outside my window to try and distract him but it never works. At first this was a brief spanking and he only bared my bottom momentarily but after it was over I grinned and mumbled under my breath. That was when he spanked me again but this time he was more thorough. I also received some corner time which is not as bad as the waiting game.


Njspank said...

OK, couple of things here, first off I still dream of moving into your neighborhood, imagine watching this through the window, wow. Now love your husband being so authoritive, just hot.
Now love the outfit, the boots and yes ma'am your lovely bottom encased in those beautiful panties only bested by your lovely bare bottom under your husbands spanking. Amazing.

Great photo set, thank you.

Anonymous said...

have yoiu ever been in corner after spankings which i know you love being spanked put in corner

but then have phone rang and it for you but your husband told person on line you cant come to phone your in corner and just gotten spanked

madison ohio
age 41

Scott S. said...

Great the shadows how they emphasize the bare bottom. Beautiful!!