Monday, February 18, 2013

Granny is old school!


Njspank said...

Wow I have never seen this one before...really hot and man can Granny spank! Thanks for shring this true gem!!

Anonymous said...

That bare ass whoopin' is doing her good already Veronica !! I approve.
That is exactly how I was raised. I'm now in my 50s (strict mom). And that's how many of we Southern girls gotten raised Veronica. It sure did us good. I thank my strict loving parents who soundly tanned my bare backside when I was naughty. And my younger sister's bare backside when she was naughty ! I especially thank my strict, caring mom with her "special" lil' rattan switch with which she raised us (oh my Oucheees!!! she's now still sprightly in her 80s) and I always thanked my super-strict Ol' fashioned Grandma.....who "started" it all in my mind in the early 1960s !

Grandma's influence was powerful Veronica. She caned my mom's bare bum in the 1930s ! She introduced the British word "botty" into the mix. And she enouraged my mother to use all those cute, very Ol' fashioned spanking phrases and statements that we love Veronica !

Naturally, my religious mom continued those excact same strict ritual for her two daughters in the 1960s. Sister and I gotten switchings aplenty on our bare white botties hen we were naughty. It was just a normal fact of life. Mom kept the thin, whippy, flexible, rattan cane "switch"...."the rod of correction" in the cupboard. Just as Grandma had done for mommy.

Veronica, Grandma saw us get spanked too many times in the 1960s ! She insisted upon it. Oh my !!! My mother, Grandma and neighbours and other moms in the neighbourhood used to talk talk abut our smacked bottoms all the time ! And I guess as a bratty, nine year old princess, I did not hear any talk abut the economy ! ha-ha

Grandma arrived from UK, along with the cane. She and then mommy alike, kept flexible rattan switches for keeping daughters behaved ! No need to "go get a switch" like my girl friends had to. That was a Southern custom already for sure !

We gotten the Ol' fashioned word "botty" in our family from Grandma and the UK. Not an American word or Southern word. Grandma and my mother used it all the time...usual "bare botty" in the context of punishment for me and my lil' sister. Gulp ! And our bare botties gotten to feel the terrible switch veronica !! That's how it was, and my mother's and Grandma's Christian beliefs strongly supported this harsh but harmless and fair discipline for us growing up.

"Botties bare for bath times and spanking times" was one of the often said memorable, scary (!!) sayings to me and sister when we were little ! Oh my....other moms liked that saying too Veronica. Very strict and no-nonsense. Naughty daughters gotten the meaning of the message !
Good Ol' Granmda Veronica ! Oucheeeees !
Naughty Lil' Brenda/ Strict Mom Brenda xx