Thursday, February 7, 2013

"Meet Mr. Hairbrush.... My Marriage Counselor"


As with every couple Tony and I have our moments of growing pains. I can be very stubborn and he too strict! If we fight I do a lot of sulking, another way I like to get even is wear something sexy to bed just so he knows what he is missing out on and this was one of those days. I wanted to go out with some friends and he told me NO so I decided not to talk to him most of the day. Once night time came along I wore a sexy little number to bed. I teased him with my bare legs while sitting in bed reading my book and then I decided to tease him some more by fiddling with my long hair. When Tony told me that we needed to talk I just crossed my arms and gave him a dirty look. "What we need here is some marriage counseling" he said. I still refused to say anything. Tony then reached into his drawer and grabbed a hairbrush. "MEET MR. HAIRBRUSH" he yelled! "THIS IS OUR PERSONAL MARRIAGE COUNSELOR!" Before I could mutter a word he had me face down across his lap and began spanking me hard and fast. At first I was quiet but after a few whacks I began to bawl like a baby! SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! He spanked my bottom raw until I pleaded and said how sorry I was. My bottom was sore for days and this little couple's therapy worked well, not to mention the makeup sex was out of this world. XoXo


Mike P said...

why wouldnt he let you go out with some friends? and why owuld he say no you should be allow to go out and have fun with friends

Mike P said...

llook like mr Hairbrush will alway be needed and aviable when ever you need session with it and your bottom which naughty will alway be feeling and meeting it

Njspank said...

Best way to sort out marriage issues is your beautiful panty and bare bottom getting a sound dose of the brush.......well deserved and well delivered your bottom is glowing, love it