Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Round bottom just made for Spanking!

Don't you agree?????


Anonymous said...

One could write a book on the "round bottom" and the delights of spanking it, and yours would be at the top of that list!

RobertOTK said...

You are the perfect spankee Veronica..... Beautiful, naughty and willing; that you posess a sweetly spankable bottom is a wonderful bonus.

Njspank said...

....but also a beautiful bottom!

OldFashionGirl said...

Thanks guys, you are all making me blush.... xoxo!

Anonymous said...

Yes, absolutely. I agree....and softy-softy-softy-botty young lady...fetch the switch !

And not forgetting the softest, sensitive skin on your botty Veronica. The softest, velvety, white skin in Texas. Which is why it is called the "seat of learning". And why we gotten corporal punishment from our loving parents !.....ask my daughters !

Our soft botties (in their bare state) provided an appropriate place for discipline and learning Veronica. It is a very tender place for harmless but hard spankings ! A place provided by God and Nature for that very purpose. For tough love.

Veronica, I will never forget the first smack of the rattan cane on the fairest, sensitive skin of my bare backside. I was eight years' old. It was the 1960s in Atlanta. And my strict, conservative, religious mom introduced "the switch" to punish me (and my lil' sister) when I gotten naughty. The sting was a terrible shock (sharp intake of breath ) and the bare-bottom whippings made me scream. But it was loving, proper, maternal, corporal punishment Veronica.

For sure the soft, vulnerable skin on my naughty, chubby behind allowed for harsh but fair discipline to be administered (always bare botty of course, goes without saying) Mom's ol' fashioned, "Christian" punishment sure licked me into shape. An I am pleased to say that I recovered Veronica. My soft-skinned, lily-white botty survived already ! Oh my !

And for sure, when I became a loving, hard-working mother to two wonderful, young daughters in the 1980s, they gotten the same smack of the cane on their bare bottoms too. That was the punishment Veronica. No surprise given my childhood. And I sure was not gonna punish them with time outs ! There was only a lil' bit more PC in the 1980s. But thankfully not much Veronica. And none in my house as a strict Southern mom I can tell you.

Bare tender bottoms allow for "spare the rod spoil the child" Veronica. My mother (in her 80s) myself (late 50s) and yes, my two daughters (30s and almost 30s) all agree already. We all happily survived the "hornets nest" Veronica. And so did you !
Great post. Hugs, thanks and spanks
Strict Mom Brenda xx