Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The good ol' days


Njspank said...

Very hot pic, nice panty spanking, her holding onto the lap's ankle and the lady in the background seems to approve of the spanking, love it.

RobertOTK said...

When do those panties come down?

Anonymous said...

I want to see the one with her panties down!

Anonymous said...

Good ol' days in Georgia:-)

Love this mother/daughter scenario Veronica. Good for role play with hubby and creative thinking.

It's funny how many of my girl buddies in our Princess gang were a bit scared of my mummy, when they came round to play. Mom was older than other moms and believed in firm discipline as part of loving nurturing. Although that was not unusual in Atlanta's suburbs in the 1960s !

But interestingly my mom did not for example spank us in public (on legs or bums), she didn't spank us in front of friends or family (apart from Grandma) and of course she never disciplined my friends...hardly raised a word, in fact. But yes, in the privacy of her own home, she dished out whuppin' s to my sister and me in a stern manner.

Mommy never smacked our legs, only our bottoms. And only our bare bottoms too Veronica ! No half-measures for sure. She was not the sort of mom to smack through protective coverings!

And she always used a lil' whippy rattan switch, which my buddies found scary. It was often visible in the downstairs cupboard. Especially scary perhaps, given that mummy pulled down her naughty daughters' panties and applied the switch to duly bared botties ! Mom knew how to deal with little brats Veronica ...she was uncompromising.

But bare bottom spankings were common amongst my girly princess friends. It was part of Southern culture . Yes, for sure, my sister's and my unprotected, sensitive- skinned botties would sting terribly Veronica, but a whuppin' was harmless. And the message got through...judging by how loud we squealed ! And the resulting exemplary behaviour afterwards !

When I was older I appreciated that mommy's strict and loving approach was old-fashioned Georgia -style. But then the 1960s didn't see much wishy washy thinking when it came to misbehaving lil' madams Veronica.
Thanks Brenda xx