Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Good Ol' Days


Master_Geoffuk said...

nice old photo but not quite vintage

Njspank said...

Nice one....looks like a spanking at work! Lovely but not sure I like the look on his face but nice bottom about to be spanked.

Anonymous said...

Discipline for daughters 1930s and 1960s !

Veronica, this is my mother over her father's knee in Atlanta in the 1930s, getting her bottom uncovered for punishment. Grandma is fetching the bottysmacker - a whippy thin, rattan cane called the switch (and also called "the rod"). It was harsh Veronica. My mom always gotten the switch on her bare bum without exception. No wishy-washy thinking back then, unsurprisingly. The often quoted rule of the house was "don't spare the rod"

Both my mom and grandma told me and my sister all the stories and details when we were growing up. I found it scary but exciting. And of course, mother was so strict and decided to raise her two daughters in exactly the same way as she had been raised thirty years later in the 1960s ("don't spare the rod" already). Mommy would pull down our panties and whip our bare backsides with an identical rattan switch when we were naughty. There was no other form of punishment :-(

Grandma was often present when we were tanned. Obviously she advocated stern whuppin's on our bare botties. As did most moms and grandmas in the community Veronica!!

It was harsh Veronica, but harmless too. And it kept sister and I as well behaved, good lil' Southern girls. Oh my it sure did. It was a golden age of spanking and domestic discipline. Love the vintage stuff Veronica. Sister and I are in our 50s and my mother is in her 80s.
Nostalgic Naughty Lil' Brenda xx