Thursday, February 21, 2013

"The Naughty Things Girls Do"

If you guys think that we girls don't have our lil' stash of porn then think again! Yes we ladies do love our romance novels and tear jerker flicks but on occasion we too want some visual stimulation. I knew Tony was home on this particular afternoon but when my girlfriend made me a disc with a collection of hunks in the buff I just had to open up my lap top and watch it. As I lie on my tummy and watched numerous hunks pop up on my screen I was no longer thinking of getting caught. Dozens of guys with massive throbbing members made me horny as hell and even though Tony was home the thought of masturbating did cross my mind. Several minutes have gone by when I turned around and there was Tony behind me. "What are you looking at?" It was too late.... I was caught!!! I quickly minimised the page but became too scared to move. Now most of my spankings (99.9%) are administered over-the-knee but since I was already in the prone position as soon as Tony removed his belt I knew that I would get one heck of a strapping in my current position. The strap left welts all over my bottom and back of my legs and after it was over Tony inspected the damage and took the lap top away and I was instructed not to move. Once an hour had past Tony came back and you can guess what happened next. XoXo

Girls can be naughty too!


"What a hunk!"

"What are you looking at?"

Inspecting the damage.

I cried lake a baby!

My bottom stings sooooo good!!!

I'll let you guess as to what happens next.


smuccatelli said...

Well, it's certainly a very fetching view. And I don't mean the laptop...

Njspank said...

Love the view, the shoes and the strapping....I was wondering as I read if you came, but then saw the last shot and well.....guess Tony took care of that part for you!!!


Anonymous said...

you gave him a spanking lol for catching you and strapping you

even so i know what really happen but dont want ruin it for everyone else

madison ohio

april said...

I'm having lots of difficulty reading these because of the font coloring :(