Thursday, March 7, 2013

"Our Lil' Secrete"

A few months ago Tony put on the sports channel and saw nothing but snow on the television screen. He called up the cable company and was told that they shut down our cable due to a delinquent payment. Since I'm in charge of paying the cable bill Tony became very upset at me. I told him that I did indeed forget to pay the bill but when I spoke with the cable company they told me to just make the payment with next months bill. I had no idea they would shut it down until then. Now we have one week to go before our next bill is due so that means no television for a week and no ESPN for Tony. Later that night Tony took out the hairbrush and placed it on the bed besides me. He gave me the option of taking a hard twenty minute spanking with the dreaded hairbrush or a five minute hand spanking. The only catch was that the five minute hand spanking will be every night for a week or until they turn our cable back on, I chose the hand spanking of course. The next day while Tony was at work I was able to convince my neighbor into letting me tap into his cable for a week and it worked like a charm.  Tony was happy to have his ESPN back and I got off with only one hand spanking. If he only knew what I did! We'll keep it our lil' secrete. xoxo


Njspank said...

What a lovely bottom, so well spanked and wow, no ESPN, that is bad....nice anklets!

smuccatelli said...

I can see the cable guy coming by to put in his two cents' worth. Maybe another spanking for you with Tony and him enjoying a beer afterwards while you're in the corner with your red butt on display... ;-)

Mike P said...

better hope Tony never find out or you will get a spanking for a month straight maybe doubt your butt can take that many spankings