Wednesday, March 13, 2013

St. Agnes Academy

Were young ladies learn the value of a good education the old-fashioned way.


Njspank said...

Adorable and well spanked bottom.
Cute one, thanks

Anonymous said...

Absolutely Veronica - Church faith and spanking. "Don't spare the rod"

I remember my hubby gotten fascinated when I first told him about my strict upbringing and how spanking was embedded in the Southern culture when I was a lil' girl in the 1960s.
For sister and me, whuppin's on our chubby, bare "Coppertone-white" botties were part of parental discipline, community social mores and Church this drawing reminds me.

Our neighbours in the 1960s were a lovely, elderly, pious couple who always came to Church with us Veronica. They supported my mother's strict discipline of her two lil' girls. In the summer they could hear us getting our bottoms spanked - the smack of the rattan switch on bare skin and our loud cries and pleas !! They said we gotten Christian spankings. Oh my, they meant the whippy, switch ("rod") applied to a bare botty ! That was scary . But sadly, that was strictly fashionable for naughty lil' daughters Veronica ! :-(

My mom always bared our bums for the rattan switch for many reasons. But compliance with strict faith was one of them Veronica. My hubby has talked about this with my mom alot ! As a family we are very open about these things because for my sister and me it was in our bones (strict upbringings)

Mommy also said that punishment needed to be on bare skin - so we would feel it and fear it ! Her lil' switchy-stick was especially nasty (effective !)on a bare botty - which was why mommy used it ! Sister and I did the switchy-dance for sure, Veronica. Oh my !
Mom had no time for anti-spankers (Oh my, not many around in Georgia in the 1960s) or wishy-washy attitudes when it came for smacking bottoms. Her views are still the same today Veronica !

She also knew that baring our backsides for a good few flicks of a light, whippy switch was totally harmless....if uncomfortable for we sensitive-bottomed princesses. Mom could see the effect of the cane on our pale skin - panties down meant we gotten safe, loving, effective punishment. A ferocious, harmless sting is the whole point Veronica.

Misbehaving at Church was a cardinal sin Veronica. As was lying or generally being naughty in the store. Mommy was very fierce but my sister and I appreciated her traditonal approauch when we gotten older, despite our lack of freedom at the time. And being raised in the neighbourhood of strict Southern moms, Veronica , I do support this Ol' fashioned approach.
Nostalgic Brenda xx