Thursday, April 4, 2013

"Another Bedtime Spanking"

Pyjama fans rejoice, because yours truly has been getting a lot of spankings before her bedtime and this was one of those times. Two weeks ago my dear Tony got me mad and I decided to have a temper tantrum and break some dishes, yes I'm one of those. You see when I get upset I don't always think of the consequences and that my dear friends is why I get spanked so often. Tony told me to march upstairs and he'll be up to deal with me once I have calmed down. Several hours had past when he entered the bedroom and began to lecture me on my bad attitude. He did tell me what a wonderful wife I am and how glad he is to be my husband but he also told me what I brat I am and how a good bare bottom spanking is in order. Tony sat on a foot stool and put me in a very familiar position. He spanked me on my pyjama bottoms only for a few seconds then told me to stand up. He pulled down my pj's and spanked me over my panties briefly before lowering them. Once bare bottom that's when the fun began and a very lengthy spanking for this naughty lady. After several minutes of rapid fire with his hand he stopped the spanking and I just cried while laying my head on his lap. A kiss and some bottom rubbing and off to bed I went. Until my next bedtime spanking... goodnight. XoXo




smuccatelli said...

Quite the delicious, apple-red bottom. Makes one want to take a bite out of it...

Njspank said...

Just lovely, love the foot stool first off, great for otk spankings, then a nice pj spanking, followed by a spanking on those lovely panties and then your beautiful bare bottom. Works for me.

Aunty Andrea said...

Very few things are as enjoyable as a good old fashioned bedtime spanking.

RobertOTK said...

Tony is too easy going..... A dish breaking tantrum would be punished with a bare bottomed hairbrush spanking in my world. And there would be no panties under PJs for a naughty punished girl....!

Anonymous said...

Veronica....I recall my father coming home from work to smack my bottom with the rattan cane at my bedtime. He was tired and furious. So as I constantly say to my hubby, it's no surprise dad pulled my jammies down so I could feel it stinging on a bare botty. That was guaranteed !!

Over the years, I asked dad why he always smacked me on bare skin. There were a number of reasons, but essentially, what was the point in administering the cane over protective coverings when the whole objective was a stinging bottom ? And a stinging behind was harmless but effective.

Crucially, a bare botty ensured absolute safety and efficiency, with minimum effort. It also made me feel like a naughty little girl getting the ultimate punishment. And getting the cane over clothes was not the ultimate punishment...Gulp ! No qualms or wishy washy thinking from my pop !!

Let alone the ubiquitous, strict Southern family values in the early 1970s ! So yes, Veronica, lots of reasons why I got my jammies pulled down and my fairest white backside always bared for the dreaded rattan bottysmacker... boohoo:-( Brenda x